Cornhuskers Here We Come!

Nebraska Maps
We are headed off for an exciting adventure to Omaha, NE. With the peaceful sounds of a crying baby and whining kids asking “are we there yet?”; we will have miles and miles of amazing plains and grasses to gaze upon. But on the flip side, we are doing our first (and maybe last) long road trip with the girls. We are going to visit my grandma and see all that Omaha has to offer. As I was packing, I began to think, "what does Omaha have to offer?" One quick google search and I found a plethora of fun facts and figured out a few places we should see while we are there.

A little Nebraska trivia.

State Capital – Lincoln

Largest City - Omaha

Area - 77,358 square miles (Nebraska is the 16th biggest state in the USA)

Population - 1,711,263

State bird- Western Meadowlark

State animal- White-tailed deer

State beverage- Milk

State Soft drink- Kool-aid

So, I never knew there was such a thing as a state beverage or soft drink, and unlike my husband’s side of the family that can name almost any bird flying by, I had no idea what a Western Meadowlark looked like. Maybe we can spot one sitting in the endless fields.

If your curious as to what your state’s beverage, soft drink, or any other state fact is, visit Enchanted Learning.

I will be sure to keep you posted on the adventures and places we see. Hopefully it won't turn into the famed Chevy Chase's Vacation.

Thank You Auntie Mel!

My Mother is a Blogger

The girls love to sing the children's song "My Mother is a Baker." Here are the lyrics to refresh your memory.

My mother is a baker, a baker, a baker.
My mother is a baker.
She always goes like this, "Yum! Yum!"

My father is a trashman, a trashman, a trashman.
My father is a trash man,
He always goes like this, "Pee Yew."

My sister is a singer...
..."La ta de da, and a toodley doo."

My brother is a cowbow...
..."Yee haw!"

My doggie is a licker...
..."Slurp, slurp."

My kitty is a scratcher...

My baby is a whiner...

My grandpa is an engineer...
..."Toot, toot."

Well today they decide to change it up a little and Hailey started in with " My mother is a Blogger, a Blogger, a Blogger. My mother is a blogger and she always goes like this, Hmmm, hmmm, yes, yes"! Karlie quickly chimed in and before long they were rolling on the floor with that contagious laughter that had the whole house going. So you can see from a child's eye how long it takes me to figure these things out and how equally excited I get once I do!

Happy Anniversary Max

I love your more today then I did then. Thank you for nine lovely years.

Twilight the Unicorn

After seeing the beautiful cakes my sister-in-law has made (SPLANEYO), I was tempted to try making a fondant for Hailey's birthday cake. I even got so far as to get the ingredients and directions for it. Well, then after some pointers and a little more research into just how involved fondant was, I decided I wasn't that committed! We decided to go for a bike ride and a swim instead of spending the day creating her a magical masterpiece. But Hailey was thrilled with her unicorn cake anyway. As she requested, it was chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla cakes, with cream cheese and strawberry frosting. It was a team effort; Max sketched the outline and I added the frosting!

Pump It Up Party!

On Saturday Hailey and Titus celebrated their birthdays with all their family and friends at Pump It Up. We bounced, jumped, did obstacle courses, went down slides, danced, and played air hockey for an hour and a half. Then we went into the party room for pizza and cake. The birthday kids get to sit in the king or queen chair and open their present with the guest that brought it. We had a so much fun!

Hailey's Birthday Menu

We have a tradition in out house that on your birthday you get to choose the menu of the day. Thankfully, birthdays only come once a year or we would be in real trouble! I think it was easily a 3,000 calorie kind of day!
Hailey's menu:
Breakfast~ Creamed Eggs over Toast
Lunch~ Popsicles and a Granola Bar
Dinner~ Crab, Artichokes, Angle Hair Pasta, and Caesar Salad
Dessert~ Brownie Banana Split

Happy Birthday Hailey


Slip-N-Slide Laughs

All we need to do is add the song "Wipe Out" to go along with this clip to make it complete! *WARNING* May cause you to laugh out loud!


Max and I have a thing for baby and kid feet. Something about those chubby little feet and cute little toes. We have each of the girls' footprints from when they were born stamped in our Bible and try to get prints of their feet each year. This year I found the poem Footprints to go with them and ended up with a sweet shirt for Max on Father's Day.

Father's Day Fun

Part of our Father's Day celebration was to relax by the pool. No, not a real pool! The kiddie pool. The girls had a great time playing with RJ (their cousin), splashing us, and just enjoying the day.

Suspenseful Eggperiment

Hailey is a budding scientist. For Christmas we got her the book "101 Cool Science Experiments". One afternoon this week she came and asked me if we could do the egg experiment. She was quite delighted with the process of forming a hypothesis, performing the experiment, and seeing the results. I was equally delighted to be teaching her a little about density with little mess or hassle! We are looking forward to the other 100 experiments to try over the summer.
The equimpment: A large glass half filled with water, 5 tablespoons salt, a spoon, and one raw egg.
First question- Me: "Do you think the egg will float or sink in regular water"? Hailey: " I think it will float".

Add salt. The book says to add 2 Tbsps, but we needed to add 5 Tbsps before the egg would float.

Stir salt until its dissolved completely.

Final question. Me-"Now what do you think will happen with the egg"? Hailey-" I think it will float!"

Hailey- " Why does that happen"? Me-"The egg is more dense, or it takes up more space than regular water. But if you add enough salt it will have less density than the water and can float".

Some fun facts we learned!
*The earth is covered by 75% water. Of that water, 97% is salt water.
*How does the salt get in the ocean? As water flows down the rivers, it picks up small amounts of mineral salts from the soil and collects in the ocean. The ocean water can only leave by evaporation or freezing as polar ice, but the salt stays dissolved in the ocean. As time goes on, it becomes more and more saltier.

Bumps, Bruises, Bikes, Babes, Boo-hoo

With school being out for the summer, I am looking forward to lots of adventures with the kids and a little more time for outings to the zoo, swimming, the park, and play dates with friends. One challenge to now having all three of the girls home is finding time to fit training for the triathlon in. I used to either run or bike while Hailey was in school. I invested in a Cadillac of jogging strollers to take the two little ones along and have a bike trailer for our bike rides. Well yesterday posed a problem as it was my day to run and I had nowhere to put Hailey except on her bike. She had ridden her bike with me for short jogs of a mile or so, but never for the full 3.2 miles. After going through the usual routine of packing snacks, blankets, toys, pacifiers and such. I got Hailey her helmet and assorted protective pads and we were off. She loved it for the first half. The problem was near our turn around when she took one hand off the handle to wipe her face and T-boned the handle bars and flew over the bike! She slid on the ground as though she were a batter trying to slide into home base. After hugs, kisses and lots of encouragement, she was back in the saddle. We were still 1.5 miles from the car. After a few more rest brakes along the way back, we made it with only a few tears, bumps and bruises. It only took us 13 minutes longer than usual and I'd say we have a future triathlete in our midst.

Surprise is No Surprise

For those of you that know Max, you know he is about as humble as they come. Getting him to talk about his accomplishments or achievements is like pulling teeth. So, allow me to share a little about him. Last month he was chosen to be chief resident for his final year of residency. The faculty elects two residents out of the class for this position. This is a distinguished honor that makes him the liaison between his fellow residents and the faculty. He has been working hard with the other chief resident to create the rotation schedule for all the residents and attending meetings about the upcoming move to the new medical campus. In addition to that honor, on Friday he was given another award.

At the end of the year, the department of Pathology throws a party for departing residents where awards are given to the graduating residents. For the first time in the history of the award, it was given not to a departing resident but to a 3rd year. You guessed it! Max was awarded the Gary Miller Research award. He was very surprised and honored. Dr. Miller was the mentor of Max's mentor Dr. Lucia. So it has a special significance to him. While Max was surprised, I was anything but. He appears to have a bright future in academics and research ahead of him.

Kindergarten Graduation Day!

Our little Bee-Bop is growing up. Today was her first of many graduations. The school put on a very sweet graduation with a music slide show of the kids as babies and throughout the year. The kids sang two songs and we had a pot-luck after the ceremony. We are so proud of Hailey. She completed all of first grade math and over half of the first grade language arts curriculum. She also received “exceeds standards” in all of her subjects for the year (she must not have got many of my genes to be able to excel in Spanish)! She is off to a great academic start and we are overjoyed with the young lady she has become.
 Proud Graduate
 Waiting to Get Her Diploma
 The Whole Gang
 Our Little Wildcat
 Hailey and Ms. Ressler
Hailey and Ms. Thornton