Bumps, Bruises, Bikes, Babes, Boo-hoo

With school being out for the summer, I am looking forward to lots of adventures with the kids and a little more time for outings to the zoo, swimming, the park, and play dates with friends. One challenge to now having all three of the girls home is finding time to fit training for the triathlon in. I used to either run or bike while Hailey was in school. I invested in a Cadillac of jogging strollers to take the two little ones along and have a bike trailer for our bike rides. Well yesterday posed a problem as it was my day to run and I had nowhere to put Hailey except on her bike. She had ridden her bike with me for short jogs of a mile or so, but never for the full 3.2 miles. After going through the usual routine of packing snacks, blankets, toys, pacifiers and such. I got Hailey her helmet and assorted protective pads and we were off. She loved it for the first half. The problem was near our turn around when she took one hand off the handle to wipe her face and T-boned the handle bars and flew over the bike! She slid on the ground as though she were a batter trying to slide into home base. After hugs, kisses and lots of encouragement, she was back in the saddle. We were still 1.5 miles from the car. After a few more rest brakes along the way back, we made it with only a few tears, bumps and bruises. It only took us 13 minutes longer than usual and I'd say we have a future triathlete in our midst.

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