Double Days

The arrival of June signals the clock ticking away for my triathlon training time. Up to this point, I have been able to do each of the events individually, but have never tried doing more than one per day. Well, that all changed yesterday! As I was loading the two younger girls into the stroller to go for our morning run; I gave Karlie her beloved Care Bears blanket, a few books to read, numerous snacks and a sippie of water for the trip. Kaitlin usually takes her morning nap on our jaunts, so I tucked her in with her favorite GrammaNette blankie and her paci in hopes of sending her off to the sandman. About half way into the jog I see that no naps will be happening as the two of them are laughing and playing. Karlie has eaten all 4 of the snacks I packed, one book has fallen out, Karlie's blanket has been tossed over the edge and just for good measure, Kaitlin spit out her paci a few times. What a relaxing jog!

So fast forward to home where I am getting Kaitlin ready for her nap she never took on the jog. Hmmmmmm. Where is her blankie? The very special one my mother-in-law made for her as a newborn? The one she always sleeps with. The one we take EVERYWHERE. In the car? No! In the stroller? No! Oh NO! She must have dropped and I missed it somehow! Panicked, I call my mom. She comes right over so that I can load the bike back in the car and race to the trailhead. I start at one end and turn around at another point. Decisions, decisions. I decide to take the far point in case she dropped at the turn around. As I am racing at mock 10 on the bike, I am rehearsing how I am going to break the news to my mother-in-law. I begin to pedal faster and pray to God for mercy!!! At the very end of the trail (where I usually start) low and behold, like a beacon in the night, I see the pink blankie laying on the ground!!! Whoo-hoo. Now back to the car, and then home to my sleeping baby who never knew she almost lost her treasured blankie. As for me, I guess double days have officially started.

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