Kindergarten Graduation Day!

Our little Bee-Bop is growing up. Today was her first of many graduations. The school put on a very sweet graduation with a music slide show of the kids as babies and throughout the year. The kids sang two songs and we had a pot-luck after the ceremony. We are so proud of Hailey. She completed all of first grade math and over half of the first grade language arts curriculum. She also received “exceeds standards” in all of her subjects for the year (she must not have got many of my genes to be able to excel in Spanish)! She is off to a great academic start and we are overjoyed with the young lady she has become.
 Proud Graduate
 Waiting to Get Her Diploma
 The Whole Gang
 Our Little Wildcat
 Hailey and Ms. Ressler
Hailey and Ms. Thornton

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Heather said...

Congratulations Hailey! My goodness you have grown up fast! Next thing you know it will be high school. I don't know about you Katie, but I am thinking about tossing Spencer in the freezer at night to keep him from getting too big. Hope all is well.