My Mother is a Blogger

The girls love to sing the children's song "My Mother is a Baker." Here are the lyrics to refresh your memory.

My mother is a baker, a baker, a baker.
My mother is a baker.
She always goes like this, "Yum! Yum!"

My father is a trashman, a trashman, a trashman.
My father is a trash man,
He always goes like this, "Pee Yew."

My sister is a singer...
..."La ta de da, and a toodley doo."

My brother is a cowbow...
..."Yee haw!"

My doggie is a licker...
..."Slurp, slurp."

My kitty is a scratcher...

My baby is a whiner...

My grandpa is an engineer...
..."Toot, toot."

Well today they decide to change it up a little and Hailey started in with " My mother is a Blogger, a Blogger, a Blogger. My mother is a blogger and she always goes like this, Hmmm, hmmm, yes, yes"! Karlie quickly chimed in and before long they were rolling on the floor with that contagious laughter that had the whole house going. So you can see from a child's eye how long it takes me to figure these things out and how equally excited I get once I do!

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