Twilight the Unicorn

After seeing the beautiful cakes my sister-in-law has made (SPLANEYO), I was tempted to try making a fondant for Hailey's birthday cake. I even got so far as to get the ingredients and directions for it. Well, then after some pointers and a little more research into just how involved fondant was, I decided I wasn't that committed! We decided to go for a bike ride and a swim instead of spending the day creating her a magical masterpiece. But Hailey was thrilled with her unicorn cake anyway. As she requested, it was chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla cakes, with cream cheese and strawberry frosting. It was a team effort; Max sketched the outline and I added the frosting!


Splaneyo said...

The cake looks great and it looks like everyone had a great time at the party. What a fun place.

I spent most of the weekend working on my mom's cake. I do get a lot of help from the kids though - they love the fondant. They wind up eating a ton and getting all of the kitchen tools dirty, but what can you do? That cake was the last one for while!

We went on a bike ride too, but I only ride for food. We biked to the Burrito Joint. I felt okay about eating the burrito because I had to tow Laney. Sam could have had two burritos because he had to haul the boys. The ride home was a lot slower!

Lacey said...

The Cake turned out GREAT!! You are such a super mom!! I think anyone would agree that they'd prefer your yummy cake with cream cheese and strawberry frosting over fondant. Fondant tastes horrible compared to the real, gourmet deal! Fondant looks pretty, but that's about it. I think I'd rather a yummy cake over a pretty one but you managed to do both!! I'm impressed!!!