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Lets see….. Eight random facts about me.

1. I have a unique family. We fondly call it a family orchard rather than a tree. This Brady Bunch style family has given me three loving sisters. The kind you see on TV or read about in a novel. We are very close in spite of our different personalities. In the orchard is also the most giving and down to earth parents you could hope for. We have all learned a thing or two watching them love each other and grow us girls into women. If you can’t tell from my blog, family is everything to me. Motherhood is what I was designed for. It fulfills me like I never imagined it could.

2. Max and I met when we were 14. His best friend had a crush on me and brought Max along one summer afternoon. Bad move on his friend’s part. We have been smitten since then. I shudder at the thought of Hailey finding her soul mate in 8 years!

3. I am not a risk taker. See #4. The biggest risk I have ever taken was choosing to attempt a vaginal birth after two cesarean births. It was the most spiritual and emotional moment I have experienced (exchanging vows was big, but this was bringing a life into the world!). I might try taking a few more risks in the future.

4. To say I am a planner is an understatement. I plan everything and don’t do well when things don’t follow “the plan”.

5. I loath cleaning. Sure I enjoy a clean house as much as the next gal, but not at the expense of ANYthing else. I can always find something better to do than clean. I get no satisfaction out of it or the end result. It is a boring task and it rarely last for long in my house of 3 little ones. I even plan cleaning. There will be no spontaneous cleaning in my house. ☺

6. I hate the TV. I could stand on my soapbox for hours about this one. It is a waste of time. Think of all the wasted moments and productivity that go buy watching some lame sit-com that we won’t even remember in a month. It is a main player in America’s growing waste line and shrinking IQ, not to mention its moral failings.

7. I have been training for a sprint triathlon since January and it is only 23 days away! I am shocked how quickly a body that hasn’t worked out in nearly a decade has responded to the challenge. It has been interesting to say the least trying to train with 3 little kids. I am still praying I don’t drowned in the open swim!

8. I have a speeding problem. I have tired to work on it since I am almost always carrying precious cargo. But I think I need a help group. Invariably I always glance down at the odometer and am shocked to find I am well over the speed limit. Maybe I can find a Speeding Planners Anonymous(SPA).

Since I use this blog mostly as an online scrapbook to share with friends and family, I haven’t gotten into the “art of Blogging”. Thus I was tagged by the only family member that has a blog, Heather at SPLANEYO, and don’t have anyone to tag. So if by some random chance you ended up on my blog- you are it! Leave us your blog address in the comments and I will check you out. Thanks Heather. Fun little game.


I totally forgot all 3 of my lovely sisters and brother-in-law have Myspace pages! So guess what? Your it! So tell us 8 random facts about yourself and post it on your page. Then tag 8 of your friends to do the same.

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Splaneyo said...

Hey Katie,

Thanks for playing - it was fu to read your 8 facts. Hope all is well.