Corn Chex and Daddy

To understand how endearing this little story is, you will have to go down the side bar on the right and listen to the song "Watching You" and have a little history. Most mornings Karlie is up before the other kids and loves her alone time to eat Corn Chex with Max before he leaves to work. If she sleeps in she always wants to know what kind of cereal he ate (usually Corn Chex) so that she can eat it too. Yesterday we were listening to music and I remarked that a certain song was one of Daddy's favorite songs. Karlie asked me why it was his favorite. I said, "I don't know why do you like the Buckaroo song?" (otherwise known as "Watching You") She said, "because it makes me think of Corn Chex". You have to love the way their little minds work.

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