Crazy for Crocs

At first glance I can see how some might think Crocs are ugly. But let me tell you that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. I love these shoes. A mom must have designed them. They are undoubtedly the best shoes I have come across for kids. They are virtually indestructible, come in every color of the rainbow, slip on effortlessly, and are comfortable and cool. Crocs were actually intended as boat shoes, so they repel water and are slip resistant; two bonuses with kids’ shoes. They are perfect for new walkers because they are lightweight, slip resistant, and easy to put on but difficult for them to kick off.

I have a hot pink pair for work and then a more subdued black for home. Neither my back nor feet hurt after standing for twelve hours when I wear them. Max also has two pairs that he uses at work and home. I highly recommend them for kids and parents alike.

We have a mix of true Crocs and generics. The real crocs have the best material. It is more pliable and soft. I have found the cheaper the imitation, the more plastic in the shoe which makes them stiff and prone to cause rubbing blisters. However, Payless' Airwalk makes a pretty good one that is half the price.

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