I was mesmerized tonight by the first wonder of Omaha. I found it sitting in my grandma's backyard. Near dusk a wonderful thing happened. The fireflies came out. One by one they began to emerge as the sun sank below the horizon. Before long little flashes of light could be seen sparkling everywhere. To much of the Midwest this is nothing spectacular, but something taken for granted as we take the majestic mountain views for granted on most days. For me, it wasn't just the wonder of how these insects produce light, but the effect it had on the kids. Giggles, shouts of joy, squeals of excitement, and eyes dancing with awe. They ran all over the yard catching as many as they could to put in jars. With every flash of light another round of joyous laughter and excited chasing would erupt. We brought two jars back to the hotel that served as a fun night light for them. On the drive back as Hailey was holding her jar with the purity of childhood delight beaming out of her, she said, "mom, this has been the best day of my life". Oh my little Firefly.

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