Maybe You Can Send a Man to do a Woman's Job

Working overnights as a Labor and Delivery nurse has many perks, such as the night differential and getting paid to watch miracles happen. But, it also has its causalities. The foremost being the damage on my body after staying up for over 24 hours and then catching a morning nap and picking up like nothing ever happened. This weekend was particularly hard because I worked the whole weekend instead of just one shift. Enter Mommy Max. It is crazy enough wrangling three kids on a good day, but try and keep them quiet so your wife can sleep. Usually after these types of weekends the house looks like a tornado blew through, no baths have been given or hair brushed, the fridge is bare, and no chores outside or in get accomplished. That all changed today. When I got up today, I was amused to see Max washing the truck with all three kids. He came up with the perfect solution for keeping it quiet in the house for me, getting something done, and allowing the kids to have a total blast. He put the kiddie pool in the bed of the truck and then created an awning with a flag to protect them from the sun. The kids had a covered pool party while he washed away! So much for men not being able to multitask.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty clever. Glad you were able to get some much needed and deserved rest.