A Penny for Her Thoughts

Kids say the darndest things. The cute way they say a word or their innocent and pure hearted ideas are worth capturing. As they grow these memories often fade. I have already forgotten which words Hailey mispronounced as a baby. I hope to hold on to a few words out of the mouth’s of babes in this section. The first one is a drawing Hailey made.

As I was getting ready for work one afternoon she told me she was drawing some money and wanted to know “which president is on the 100 dollar bill?” I replied it wasn’t a president but one of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin. She asked me what he looked like. So we got on the internet and found a picture of Ben. She continued to draw while I frantically made dinner, changed a dirty diaper, tried to get some make up on, and packed a lunch for the night. Between blow drying my hair and trying to find my work shoes she came and showed me her picture. “Only 30 minutes until I have to be out the door,” I thought to myself. I glanced down expecting to see yet another piece of artwork that I will praise, throw on the fridge, and then one day it will disappear into the trash without the artist noticing. However, her remarks stopped me in my tracks. She said, “mommy, I made all the money so that you don’t have to go to work tonight”. I gave her a big hug as my eyes welled up and I choked back that frog in my throat. As I held her I told her how sweet that was and how we all wished we could make money that way!

I know for me, leaving and going to work was the hardest when they were babies and I was breastfeeding. At that age they seem so helpless and dependent upon me. I assumed by now Hailey had gotten into the rhythm of it and that it did not bother her anymore. While Kaitlin will sometimes cry when I leave and on a particularly rough day Karlie can get weepy as they send me off. But Hailey is rarely upset by my evening departure. I rationalize to myself that she is sleeping for the majority of the time I am gone. She has daddy to tuck her in, and Grammy to spend the morning with. Could it really be that hard on her? Her heart felt gesture made me stop and wonder as she waved bye from the front door that night.


Anonymous said...

So tender. So glad you have it down to generally just once per week! She sure is growing up -- note she knew she need bills with $100's not $1's.

MKHKK said...

She was almost down to the dollar of what a nights wage is. Interesting. Yes, we all feel blessed that it is just a once a week blip rather than a full-time one:)

Grammy said...

I don't think any child gets used to their mommy being away (no matter what the reason). It's so nice that she can show you how important you are to her. Try not to feel too much guilt. That last day of work will be here before you know it!