Something Blue

"Something Blue" is the sequel to "Something Borrowed" and something about it just isn’t as good. I found the first half of the book trying to get through. The story takes off after the bride to be learns her best friend has been having an affair with her fiancé. She was a selfish, shallow, and insecure character in the first book, which was why it was easy to side with the mistress. Darcy’s judgmental, entitled and petty personality caused the house of cards she created to fall down. She flees to London in an attempt to have a fresh start and re-create the life she once relished in Manhattan. The book takes the reader on a fanciful journey from the very lowest point in her life through the many transformations that motherhood can bring about. It’s a bit of a stretch that motherhood could so completely overhaul someone's personality, but I suppose that is why we read fiction, to escape reality. The second half of the book is much better as we see Darcy examine herself and all of her prior notions about what is important in life. The ending was foreshadowed well, so no big surprises here. If you’re the type that likes everything tucked away in a neat box, this is the book for you. If you are like me and can’t stand to watch action thrillers because they are so over the top that it could never happen, then you might want to skip this one.
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