Tooth Fairy

Hailey has reached that exciting point in childhood when you are about to lose that first tooth. Her little tooth is so wiggly it will surely fall out at her next meal! She was squealing with delight last night as she wiggled it over and over in front of the mirror. This morning she asked me if she could email the Tooth Fairy to let her know that she should plan on coming to our house soon. I guess everyone these days is accessible by email, even mythical creatures. Here is her email(which took her nearly 15 minutes to compose).

Dear Toothfarey,

i will be loosen one of my babe teeth prite soon. SO i will be seeing you prite soon. from Hailey love Hailey.

You can also email the Tooth Fairy! The site guarantees a reply. I will be sure to let you know her reply and when the big moment occurs!

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Grammy said...

Even at my advanced age, I still remember the excitment of losing that first tooth. It seemed like it took forever for it to come out. Then, the tooth went under my pillow (don't know how that tradition started!) and it was almost impossible to get to sleep knowing that the toothfairy was coming. Sure enough, in the morning the tooth was gone and in it's place a shiny nickel for me!!! What a wonder!