Views From Vail

We are home from Vail and completely wiped out. Something about vacation just takes it out of you. The majestic views were breath taking and I marveled at what a beautiful place I live in. Listening to the water rush by in the stream, seeing the wildflowers in bloom along the mountain side, and smelling the cool mountain air refreshed my spirits and gave me pause in my hectic life. The beauty of God's masterpiece gave me a little deeper view into the joys, hardships, frustrations, and self-doubts of raising kids. This is a mere pebble on the mountain of time. It will be over before we know it, so I had better soak up every minute that I can. Good and bad.

The guys learned a lot and the ladies learned just how crazy six kids ages six and under in one house can be. The four older ones spent most of their time playing in the jacuzzi while the babies had fun exploring a new surrounding. All went well until the last few hours before we departed.
While the moms were busy packing up a few mishaps occurred, of course all involving my children! The house was advertised as "kid friendly". Somehow, two steep flights of stairs off the main level and not a single gate in the house, is not "kid friendly" to me. We had blocked off the stairways with coolers and suitcases in a vain attempt to keep the babies from toddling up or falling down. I wish I could report that Kaitlin happened to toddle up the stairs, but no. She pushed through the coolers and down she went. A huge crash of the cooler hitting the tiled floor and baseboard heater made my heart almost stop beating. However, the adrenaline that surged through me as I raced around the corner kept it pumping. As I rounded the stairway expecting to see my baby broken at the bottom, I found her sitting perfectly in the center of a stair about half way down. For the life of me I can't figure how she stopped. As I scooped her in my arms, I fought back a flood of tears. The fear almost made me sick. Mother of the year here I come.... Not only has one of my children rolled down the stairs, but two! Yes, when Karlie was nearly the exact same age, she tumbled down our carpeted stairs after I forgot to latch the gate. She was shaken up but not a bump or bruise on her either. I can attest that miracles do happen, sometimes twice.
Well, if that wasn't enough excitement for me, not an hour later Hailey was sitting on the side of the jacuzzi when she lost her balance and fell straight backwards cracking her head on the concrete about 3 feet down. After giving her a thorough once over being sure to check her pupils and looking for any sign of a concussion, it was back to packing up. I may have lost a few years off my life in those two hours. It’s amazing how the threat of harm or injury to your precious baby or child can bring you to your knees. The fear provided another view into motherhood, unspeakable love.

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grammy said...

The funny thing about being a parent is that the unspeakable love never stops. The heart still thumps and the adrenalin still pumps when anything bad happens to your kids....and now grandkids!!!