Hailey's 1st Day of School

Today is the big day! Hailey started 1st grade! I had to wake her up to get ready. I guess no anxiety or jitter bugs in her. She is so much like Max. Here she is with the outfit she picked out for the special occasion. Is that really my little girl?
Heading to her class.
There were a few tears shed, but none by Hailey. She was excited and eager to go this morning. Not a trace of nervousness in her. She jumped in her seat and started pulling out her journal like she had been doing it all year. Me on the other hand.... Let's just say I made it out of the school building before the tears started to drop and on the drive home my sunglasses disguised my sadness so much that Karlie didn't even notice. No heavy sobbing like when the horse trailer broke loose, just a few bittersweet tears. What a crazy emotion it is to watch them turn into little people, to slowly gain their independence and to no longer need the watchful eye of mom who looks out for their best interest at all times. Heavy stuff. I have cried more this month than in the entire last year with losing teeth, sleep overs, and back to school. It almost more than this mom can handle and I still have Karlie's 1st day of school next week. YIKES!
At her desk.


Grammy said...

My little pumpkin..it's hard to see her so big. Wasn't it just yesterday that we were worried how little and fragile she was? She is quite fashionable with her boots. I love, love, love her!

Blog a Blurb said...

Way to go Hailey! Happy first day! I get my students on Tuesday. And I bet grammy gets hers soon, too. And your dad has students, too! This is a school family.

And boy, does grammy have it right! We all love, love, love you!