It Happened!!!!

All week we were certain Hailey's tooth would fall out, but it defied us and hung on for dear life. Then last night as we were brushing teeth before bed she gave it one final yank and out it popped!! My baby has lost her first tooth. We have been waiting weeks for this momentous day and I found myself unprepared. Oh, don't worry, the Tooth Fairy was prepared, but I was not. It was so poignant to me that she is really growing up. I have a little lady on my hands. She will be going to first grade this year and gone all day. The losing of the first baby tooth just symbolized all to harshly the end of my baby. So before I cry yet again, I will show you her loot and her classic little kid smile.


Splaneyo said...

Yahoo Hailey - What is the goig rate for a tooth these days?

Anonymous said...

Way to go HayJo. You did it yourself! Your tooth fairy is going to be busy I think.