Karlie's Un-1st Day of School

Today was supposed to be Karlie's first day of Pre-school. We took her to the doctor for a physical, filled out all the paper work, and paid the registration fees. I even took her on a special Mommy, Grammy, and Karlie shopping trip to pick out her first day of school outfit. All last year she would beg to go to school, to have a teacher just like Hailey, and to have a backpack for her homework. She seemed ready and eager to go. While I was reluctant to send her, I didn't want my desire to keep her home to hold her back, so we charged full speed ahead for her to start Pre-school. Over the last week when the topic came up, suddenly she changed her tune and was adamant that she did not want to go anymore. We pushed and encouraged her and told her how much fun she would have. We told her about all the yummy snack she would eat, the new friends she would make, the playground that she would get to play on, and all the new toys. But she was steadfast that she absolutely wanted to stay home with me. Twist my arm!!! I unenrolled her yesterday and she and I couldn't be happier. She has 13 years of school ahead of her at the very least, 17 hopefully, and possibly 21 years if she follows in her dad's footsteps. No need to start now. I think we will both get a lot out of this special time together.


Grammy said...

Right on, Karlie!! Don't start until you have to..there's many years left to be away from mommy!

Blog a Blurb said...

What a beautiful picture of her. Can't go wrong on this one!