Princess Parade

Did you know one of the most important things we can do as parents is to let our kids play? Yep that's right, PLAY! According to an article I read, the American Academy of Pediatrics claims free play is part of healthy brain development and has the following benefits:
"*allowing kids to use their creativity and develop their imagination, dexterity, and other strengths
* encouraging kids to interact with the world around them
* helping kids conquer their fears and build their confidence
* teaching kids to work in groups, so they learn to share and resolve conflicts
* helping kids practice decision making skills
* that it is fun"
Taken from "The Importance of Free Play".

I think it is a skill that is lost on many kids today that are all too easily entertained by passive activities like watching cartoons, playing on the computer or playing video games. It is a true delight to watch the magic that comes out of their little minds and to see how they resolve conflict between themselves. While we were "cleaning" the basement the girls decided they needed a play break and turned on the imagination. Before my eyes royalty appeared and a parade was underway. Nothing but the finest in costumes. A prom dress from the 80s for Hailey and a thrift store find for Karlie. A couple crowns and some silky fabric, throw in a boa and bam Princesses with royal steeds! Even at her young age, Kaitlin had to join the parade. It is nice to know that old fashioned make believe and play is still good for kids.


Greenie Gardens said...

The girls are adorable! I can't believe how grown up they are becoming. Thanks for the nice comment on the blog. Hope to see you all soon. Stephanie

Blog a Blurb said...

Yeah, I deleted it. I noticed an error in it and wanted to add how lucky I am the all the grand kids get to do so much of it. So important.