Sock Monster

We have a very hungry sock monster in our basement. He does not discriminate by size, color, gender, or type. Although, it does appear he has a thing for pinks. Now if I can just find out where he is hiding all my socks, my laundry life will be a lot less frustrating!!!


Grammy said...

I'm glad that monster is at your house now. He seems to have left our house for the summer..I'm sure he will return!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie!! We have one of those monsters too! It lives in our dryer it seems. I can't tell you how to chase him away, but I can tell you what we do with the socks. We let the kids make socks puppets out of them. Very simple-- they have many different kinds of socks to chose from... then they use Elmers glue, buttons, those stick on googly-eye things that you can by for 99cents at Target, yarn, and some washable markers. When they get bored of the socks they made I just toss them in the trash (they don't mind since there are 100's of more sock puppets to be made. LOL. Love, Robyn