Steamboat Fishing

We had a wonderful trip to Steamboat Springs with Pops, Gramma Nette, and Aunt Anna. We packed in as much as you can in two days and the kids had so much fun. Here are the fishing pictures with more Steamboat posts to follow.
Max giving Hailey some pointers.
Hailey with the first catch of the day!

Karlie with her first catch.

Karlie trying really hard to not think that fishing is gross. LOL. She would hide behind be every time Max pulled out the hook and got very upset at watching them be strung on the line.

Karlie with her whale of a catch. It was the size of her torso.

Kaitlin on the other hand was not afraid of the fish at all and even gave this one a kiss.

Karlie and Anna right before they reeled in the whale.

Anna and Hailey fishing.

All the girls checking out the pink colored trout.

Hailey showing off her success.

Karlie with her catch for the day!

You will notice there are no pictures of Gramma Nette or Pops. That is because they were on grasshopper duty. There was a shortage of worms in Steamboat. We called and went to numerous stores only to find out they were sold out or had frozen. After a while of fishing with neon green and pink trout bate with not even one bite, Gramma Nette came up with the great idea to catch grasshoppers and use them. Within 5 minutes of casting out the first grasshopper we had our first fish. So the wise one saved the day! I attempted to catch grasshoppers and found that if I had to be a true angler that my family and I would starve. I couldn't even catch a stinkin grasshopper. Luckily Gramma Nette had perfected the hat-whack technique and she and Pops supplied enough grasshoppers to allow us to catch our bag limit of 6! What a delicious dinner we had.

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Gigi said...

The girls are a chip off GramNette, she was two when she got her first "fishie". Her delight has been a lifelong memory as will your days on the lake w/your girls. Happy to see Aunt Anna dipping a line. lv to alll, Gigi