What Does Your Purse Say About You?

Some of you may have seen the Good Morning America episode about what is in a woman’s purse can tell you a lot about her. Today I was going through my old purses trying to find a pair of lost keys and this is what I found in some of them.

I guess I am not very good at cleaning them out before I put them away and the little munchinkins have found new hiding places for their toys! I never did find the keys, but I started to think about what my purse says about me and opened it up to have a look.

I refer to it as the Mary Poppin’s bag because it always has everything I need for almost any occasion and is a bottomless pit that can hold many toys and coloring books. I read the article from ABC news and discovered that I am “the Grab and Go Bag” kind of girl. While mine does not contain a passport as Diane Sawyer’s does; it does have both a regular and a swim diaper. No perfume. How about aloe scented wipes? I have enough snacks for all three kids to last me 2 hours. I even have the CPR barrier device! I guess that is the nurse in me. The other life saving device is 2 back up pacifiers. Should one get lost or I forget to bring one, I have a few spares. There are hair ties for any last minute touches. Chapstick for every age group, mine even has a hint of color in it. I have a notepad for any urgent “to do listing” and numerous pens to cross things off my list. Nail polish as a diversion tactic just in case the older kids have to sit still somewhere and then numerous pictures of my pride and joy to show off to anyone who is willing to look. In conclusion, I am a methodic, chaotically, organized mother ready for just about anything life can throw at me- as long as it is kid related.

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