Wild West Ranch

Today I took the girls to a local horse ranch for a playdate with their friends. For $5/kid you can walk the pony for as long as the kids want. Needles to say, the horse and I were tired WAY before the girls were ready to leave. I had to bribe them with lunch at the park to get them to part with the horses. Hailey asked me if she gave the people at the ranch her ENTIRE piggy bank if they would give her one of the ponies. I told her they cost $1000.00. She then asked if we could "go to the bank and get one of those dollar bills." I told her you have to have that money at the bank to get it. She said a disappointed, "Oh".
 Hailey, Me and Baby
 Hailey on Baby
 Karlie on Baby
 Karlie on Pepper
 Hailey and Pepper
The Posse Playdate

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Splaneyo said...

What a cool place! Brings back memories of the pony I had as a girl...He was really mean.