You Are My I Love You

This is my all time favorite children's book. We had borrowed it from the library when Karlie was a newborn. One night Hailey picked it for her bedtime story. I had a difficult time getting through the story as I was tearing up. Maybe it was all those postpartum hormones out of whack, but I still find it touching and tender today. It is beautifully illustrated and sweetly depicts the all encompassing love between a parent and their child. I always keep a few on hand as it is one of the gifts I routinely give to expecting moms. It gets the five star rating and should be on the bookshelf of any home that has a child. The best price I have found is on Amazon.

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Splaneyo said...

Uh oh - we had better get one then! I think we have every other book though. I am headed to the library later, so I'll see if I can find it.