Bathroom Remodel

There is nothing like knowing a newborn will be coming in a few months to motivate you to get those home improvements finished. We are in the process of replacing our windows and repainting the outside of the house. Two big jobs that we have been wanting to do but have been putting off. We know that nothing will get done those first months after the baby arrives, so its now or never, or at least not for a very a long time. Our last baby, Kaitlin, motivated us to start and finish remodeling the master bathroom. We haven't done a thing since and she is almost 18 months old! Hopefully the windows and painting won't take as long as the bathroom took, almost 9 months!

>Max did the entire thing with the help of Scott, Snork, and Monty. He replaced the aluminum window with this beauty. I hope the rest of the windows turn out as nice.
I used to loath showering and getting ready in my jade and white bathroom. I now love the warmth the earth tones create, the beautiful fixtures and the vanity that allows me to neatly hide all of my toiletries.

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Lacey Morgan said...

WOW- I am impressed! It looks awesome. I love the new sink!!!