The book that started it all

Kaitlin was a difficult baby and had colic. In those first weary months I swore I was done and did not want to go through that again. This was music to Max's ears. But I have always wanted four children. So after time had eased the pain of those colicky first months and Kaitlin entered that adorable baby age of sweet smiles and sleeping through the night, I started to talk about #4. Max and I were going back and forth on the issue for months. There were pros and cons of adding one more addition and we weren't sure when or even IF we should go for it. We both prayed that God would make it clear what was best for our little family. Of course we never discussed this in front of the kids. Who wants to get into a discussion about where babies come from?! Then one night in April while I was at work and Max was rocking Kaitlin to sleep, Hailey wrote this story. She had all the pages ready for him to help her put into a book when he was done. I am sure he thought I had planted a seed in Hailey's mind, but I never spoke of it to her. I got home the next morning and he asked me what this is all about. I was as surprised as he was and very moved. We looked at each other and had our answer.

The whole family with little baby inside my tummy.
On our way to the hospital!
Me in the hospital bed. She detailed my two prior cesarean scars.
The nurse helping me have the baby. Yes, the baby is blue. She saw the pictures of when Kaitlin was born and remembered how blue she was. :)
Mommy with tears of joy holding the new baby.
Heading back home from the hospital.

I hope her story is right.


Gigi said...

He works in mysterious ways, sometimes even out of the mouths of babes. Lv Gigi

Splaneyo said...



Stephanie Hofacre said...

What an amazing girl you have. That is truely God's work :)

Love, Stephanie