Grandma's Ball of String

Grandma Allen is in the final stages of life here on earth. I have become close to her in this last year as she needed more and more help. I am thankful we had this time together and had a chance to get to know each other as adults. As I look at my family that is so dear to me, I have realized that she was the ball of string that knit us together. She raised one of the most special, loving and wonderful people on earth, my mom. Grandma will be missed greatly. We are praying for peace for her and that Jesus will be waiting to carry her home.

I found this lovely poem by Don Iannone on his website. He has kindly granted me permission to publish it here. He has a collection of many beautiful poems.

old and new, tied together
like the large ball of string
grandma saved and added to
for more than fifty years

a grandmotherly thing to do
not just save string, but
string together family
otherwise lacking connection

without strings attached
her love brought us together
nurtured and helped us grow
like tender young flowers in her garden

each expression of her love
a thread of hope
spun out to us
just when we needed it

even her unassuming smile
unraveled us, bringing laughter
at times tears
always helping us find ourselves

even after all these years
grandma’s ball of string is still working
sustaining us
connecting us to what matters most

~ by Don Iannone


Splaneyo said...

Sometimes it is so hard to wish for peace, isn't it? This must be a tough time - sorry.

Gigi said...

Grandmoms are like that, Lv Gigi

Grammy said...

Thank you Katie. Words can't express my love for you and how grateful I am for your kindness toward mom these last months. It's comforting to know that you will continue her love of family.