Happy REALLY Late Birthday Heather!

I have been know before to miss or forget a birthday, but this time I have an honest excuse. I think I mixed Heather's birth date up with her son Spencer's. As I went through my calendar to mark birthdays, somehow I put Heather on the 25th of September instead of the 19th. You can see not only did I make the mistake on our kitchen calendar, but also on the one in our bedroom. I was proud of myself because I called Sam a whole week before her big day to see what she might like( I am sure he was thinking, "nothing like the last minute Katie.") and I would have enough time for shipping. I purchased my item and smiled with delight when it said it would be delivered on September 25th! Perfect. That is until the 20th when I stopped by Heather's blog and realized to my dismay that it was the day before! Yikes! I am glad you had a nice day even though we royally messed up. I have been thinking of you all day. Well, it is the thought that counts. Right Heather??? I hope you like your present even if it is week late:(


Blog a Blurb said...

I KNOW how that feels! Having done it myself too m any times. Cool pics, cool family. And pretty McGiver with the purse!

Splaneyo said...

Thanks Katie.