"Honey" Can Get You in a Sticky Situation

Today we had a fun fall play date with one of Karlie's friends. The first thing the girls did was to play house. I love hearing kids interact and what words other families use. Her friend taught me a few things about honey today. While deciding who would play what, Sydney said, " I will be the mom, Kaitlin can be the baby, and you can be honey (speaking to Karlie)." As I am folding laundry listening to them, I smile at the term of endearment her mom must use for her husband. I found myself chuckling as their make believe house goes on. Here are some of the phrases I heard:
"Honey, go mow the yard."
"Honey, have you washed the dog?"
"Honey, you can't buy that."
"Here is the snake to put on the grill Honey."(Yes snake. She handed Karlie one of our play rubber snakes.)
"Honey, it is 90 degrees out! You need some shorts."

Sydney taught me a new term for peanut butter and honey sandwiches too. They are called "Pooh Sandwiches." I also learned that it is not ok to alter the shape of the Pooh Sandwich. I will use cookie cutters to make fun shapes for the girls' sandwiches. Since we were having a fall theme today, I used a maple leaf cookie cutter to make a leaf Pooh Sandwich. Big mistake! She politely said, "I don't want that. It is not a Pooh Sandwich." I tried to explain to her it was all the same stuff but in a different shape. No go. Back to square one, a regular shaped sandwich and all was well. Karlie didn't mind eating Sydney's and her own; such a good friend.

For our craft we went on a leaf hunt and tried to find as many pretty leafs and fall things as we could. When we got back to the house, I cut out the center of 2 paper plates and let them glue their leaves on. Turned out pretty, although I think they got stickier than most of the leaves.

To finish off the morning we baked cookies the preschool way. No recipe here. Just buy the pack at the market, open, let the kids break them apart and throw them in the oven. The only trick is getting the cookies in the oven before the little ones eat all the flavored chips off the top. These cookies are officially kid only!

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Blog a Blurb said...

This always felt a little like eavesdropping to me. But so interesting to hear through the kids some of the familiar words other families use. Sounds like a nice day. I found some Tink PJ's for Karlie yesterday. I am just trying to figure out how to fairly send .... I have that unicorn blanket for Jo and the pj's for Karlie. Do you think that would be balanced? (Of course, I need a Kaitlin) But on the scales - pj's and huge blanket???? I don't think so. I could get small blanket for Karlie with the pj's. That balanced?