I Am Not Smarter Than A 1st Grader

You may have seen the show "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader"; well after helping Hailey with her homework this week I know that I am not even as smart as my 1st grader. We love the school she attends and are very proud that she tested into the advanced reading and math class, but I am a little overwhelmed with what is expected of a 1st grader these days. She is to do 20 minutes of independent reading every night (even weekends and they have a log sheet to keep you honest), a 10 page homework packet on grammar for the week, 2-3 math workbook pages a night, a small book that she has to read to me each night, and a 10 word spelling test every Friday. This week they also have a geography test. Here is a sample.
map shown

1. She will be given a blank map of the world and has to write the names of the 7 continents and 4 oceans in the correct location.

2. She will have a multiple choice section that will ask things like:

What is the smallest continent?
What continent neighbors Europe?
What is the equator?
What continent do Giraffes and Lions come from?
What is the majority of the world covered by?
What continent do we live on?
What county do we live in?

Now for the one that really made me feel stupid. I know grammar is not my strong suit, but I don't think I ever learned this stuff!
The directions are as follows for 10 sentences:
Classify each sentence. Use SN for subject noun, V for verb, Adv for adverb, Adj for adjective, and A for article adjective. Underline the complete subject once and the complete predicate twice.

The eight little boys laughed loudly.
A Adj Adj SN V Adv

The eight little would be underlined once = complete predicate, and boys laughed loudly would be underlined once = complete subject.

I had to google complete subject and predicate. I plan on calling GrammaNette tonight to make sure we have it right! YIKES!!

After talking to GrammaNette, I found that I still didn't get it right! The predicate is the verb part, so "laughed loudly" would be the predicate and "eight little boys" is the subject.

She is doing addition and subtraction in the double digits, telling time and counting money. Thankfully, I can still handle this subject, but probably not for long!:)

I think you have kids so you can really learn it at least once!


Gigi said...

Be of good cheer, after you've done it w/all four you'll be a whiz. Gigi

Blog a Blurb said...

That is pretty demanding for 1st grade. My AP Language students are taking a similar test next week, identifying complete subjects and complete predicates. I tell you though, the kids who had grammar drilled when they were in elementary school have a huge advantage!

courtney said...

Wow! I better study up before Cate enters school! I only have a few years to re-learn! Help!