Not Making the Grade

It has been a rough week for mom. You put all you have into making your kids' lives as good as it can be. There is gymnastics, swimming lessons, playdates, Brownies, story time at the library, trips to the zoo, walks to the park, crafts, and field trips. Then there is the not so fun but important stuff like brushing teeth, eating right, exercise, and school work. My kids have a busier and healthier day timer than I do! So it is always disappointing when you see that despite your best efforts, you’re not making the grade. This week has been particularly brutal. Hailey gets her weeks worth of test and homework back on Thursdays. In her folder was the big geography test that we had worked so hard on. She had it down. She knew it like the back of her hand. I guess until the test anyway. She missed 3 out of 21 and earned a 73%. Then next in the folder was the spelling test that we had practiced over and over, B-. Then the study books were all Bs. Don't get me wrong Bs are ok, it is just that she does so well at home it seems she would make As. I guess she inherited my test anxiety.

Then the topper of the week was the girls' check up at the dentist yesterday. It is a children's only dentist and they give you a report card. Hailey has fallen from A to a D this time! The assistant innocently told her and me that mom would have to keep helping her and that she is not big enough to reach all the spots in her mouth. I sheepishly smiled. I do brush her teeth every night and work very hard to try and get the back molars, the gum line and the cheek side! Harrumph! Then she politely tells Hailey it is her job to get the floss and take it to mom, since mom is so busy and has not been flossing her teeth. Just go ahead and give me the hit below the belt. Total failure. At least Karlie is still making As at the dentist. It's probably just she is not old enough to have the effects of her mother's poor brushing take a toll. I am left wrestling with knowing I am not making the grade even though I have an A for effort. Bummer. I guess it is time to go check out some how to guides on homework and brushing teeth at the library. ☺

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