Sleeping Beauty

Rarely in life do you get affirmation on a big decision that you did the right thing. Deciding to let Karlie not go to preschool is one of those rare times that we see that we made the right choice. Since Hailey has started school we have seen Karlie flower into a new little girl. She has taken on the role of big sister and gleefully teaches Kaitlin how to play slumber party, babies, store, coloring, blocks, and many other games. Another major development is naptime.

Karlie has been trying to give up her nap for almost a year now. But she doesn't realize that she is up against one of the most stubborn mothers out there. After her 3 year old check up confirmed that most 3 year olds are napping and should be getting 12 hours of sleep a day, I have been steadfast in trying to keep her napping. While I would like to pretend it is just doctor’s orders that have maintained my resolve; I look forward to naptime everyday where I have just a tad bit of time to myself. So we have been battling and battling (I guess she inherited my stubborn gene). I have tired time-outs for when I go to check on her and she is jumping on the bed. I have tired taking away favorite dolls or toys when she has put on three different outfits and is laying with her feet in the air kicking her feet together to watch her shoes light up. I have tired telling her I am not happy with her when she has taken every book off the shelf and made a sea of books around her bed. Ultimately this song and dance would lead to her crying and then finally surrendering to the nap that she so needs. We tired on occasion not doing naps and ended up with a meltdown Karlie by 6pm.

What I haven't tried until this week was lying down with her. I am a rule follower and this is a major no-no when it comes to sleep habits in our house. We have never let the kids sleep in our bed at night so to avoid the bad habit of them wanting to sleep with mom and dad. But I must confess, I like breaking this rule. The last 3 days in less than 10 minutes Karlie has drifted off to sweet sleep and so have I. What a joy to not be angry or frustrated but to be snuggling with my sweet girl and catching a few needed zzzzzzs. I am so happy we have this special time together and I can see how we are both growing. Naptime is no longer the much dreaded fight for both of us, but a special time. She is thriving on the extra attention and I am finding out that some rules are meant to be broken.

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