Super SAHD (stay at home dad)

This weekend I flew to Kansas for my grandma's funeral and left Max at home with the girls. It seemed foolish for us to take the whole family when ultimately Max would have to excuse himself half way through the service to take out the little ones that would undoubtedly get fidgety and start making too much noise. It seemed better to have him stay home and let me fully partake in all the activities that would be going on. I departed Saturday afternoon and returned Monday night. In just over 48 hours my amazing husband managed to do more than I can accomplish in a week, showed me how much he loves me, and made it all look easy. Maybe a little too easy!

For starters he washed and stained our deck. This is no easy feat as our deck is enormous! Where he found the time is a mystery to me. He also got all the girls dressed and to church which is usually a big task when there are two of us. I expected to return home to a house in ruins, kids that hadn't been bathed since I left, none of Hailey's homework done, and kids that had eaten haphazardly. Boy was I wrong. He vacuumed the entire house, moped, tidied every room upstairs, made the beds, cleaned the kitchen in a way that I only get to once a month, did all the laundry (not folded yet), made the menu for the week, and went to the store and purchased all that I would need to make those meals!! As for the baths... They had all been bathed and when he realized I had taken the only brush with me (I know, why do we only have ONE brush in a house of 4 girls??) he used a fork to comb through Hailey's hair so she looked cute for school. The majority of Hailey's homework packet was completed and he had just fed them homemade chicken fingers with steamed broccoli and pasta.

I was so delighted to come home to a sparkling home, my sweet babies that had made me welcome home cards and gave me more hugs and kisses than I could have hoped for, and a super SAHD that did all of this to show me his love and appreciation. Such a blessed girl I am!

But at the back of my mind, I am no longer feeling indispensable as a mom. As a nurse, I know there is always someone who can fill my shoes and do as good as job as I can. But at home when you are running the household and juggling 20 things at once, you start to think that things would sink without you. Apparently not when you have Max as your husband. ☺

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