A VERY Happy Halloween!

Yesterday I had my ovarian cyst scan and received excellent news. The cyst has shrunk almost by half! As the doctor said jokingly, cancer doesn't shrink! We are so thankful for all the thoughts and prayers. I was trying to not worry but could tell I had been when I started crying upon hearing the measurements. What a relief. Now we can concentrate on just growing a healthy baby and waiting for the big gender ultrasound.

We carved pumpkins last night and I think you can tell how pleased the kids were with their pumpkins.Kaitlin even kissed her pumpkin.
Karlie told Max exactly what to carve. Notice the "flower" nose.
This is the first year Hailey drew her own picture. What else but a UNICORN! Not bad. Better than I can do. I will stick with triangles and rectangles.

Pumpkin Patch 2007

Every year we go as one great big family to a local pumpkin patch. This year we went to one that had pony rides, inflatable jump castles, hay bail maze, petting zoo of farm animals, and of course acres of pick your own pumpkins! We always try to get a family pic because the setting is so beautiful. We had a hilarious time trying to get all 6 kids, 6 and under to take a picture. How many monkeys does it take to take a picture??

Here are a couple pictures we did manage to get.

Apple Pie Dressed up for Halloween

At the family Halloween party we had the kids bob for apples.Hailey grabbed one.
Karlie got one!
RJ took his apple bobbing seriously and put on water goggles, but came up empty mouthed.
Titus grabbed one too!
With 2 bags of beautiful apples left over, we were getting a bit weary of an apple a day. So I turned them into an apple pie dressed up as a pumpkin pie. The kids got a kick out of it and I was happy to see the apples eaten up.

Happy 6th Birthday Spencer!

We hope you get to enjoy a treat or two today! We love and miss you.

Look How I Have Grown!

I am 12 weeks today and had a screening test that incorporates ultrasound measurements with serum blood values to give an overall risk for trisomy defects such as Down Syndrome and neural tube defects like spinal bifida. I am relieved to announce that the baby checked out with flying colors and I will have the blood results back in a week or so. What fun to do a "test" and get to see this little miracle growing so fast! He/she is about the size of a peach or close to 3 inches from head to bottom. All the major systems are developed and now all it has to do is grow and mature them. She/he will even begin to practice breathing this week! What a truly amazing journey.So if this is not the most precious face you have ever seen, I don't know what is! The baby looks like Karlie to me, with a slightly upturned nose. She/he is waving. Awwwww.
Bottom of the foot shot. So tiny.
So this might be a face only a mother can love. Just in time for Halloween. It is a frontal face view.
Do you see the resemblance?
Scream photo from here.

Theodore's Wings

Angle Wings Picture

Last week a young couple at our church lost their 3 month old son, Theodore, to SIDS. They have three other children. Please pray for Sara and Aaron as they survive this most difficult time. They are struggling to make ends meet, much less pay for the funeral. If you feel moved to send a donation, e-mail me and I will send you the church's fund information.

"He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away."
~Revelation 21:4

Happy Birthday Kerrie!

We wish you a very happy day! We had a great time on Saturday! Love you.

Happy Birthday Mom!

We are so thankful to have you as our mom, mother-in-law, and Grammy! Never has there been a grammy with so much love. You are always willing to lend a hand, hold a baby, or talk. I truly don't know what I would do without you. I wish I could send you to Hawaii. Maybe some day! Love you mom.

Tricky Treats

Tasty Treats
RIP PB and Js
Little Debbie's Mice
Freaky Cupcakes
Skeleton Brownies
Cheese Bread Ghosts
Cheesy Spiders
Spooky Sugar Cookies
Bat Shaped Chips and Salsa

Happy 2nd Birthday Laney!!

You have grown so much since the last time we saw you! We hope to see you before you are three. Have a terrific day!

Pumpkin Piñatas

One of our Halloween crafts was to make a Pumpkin Piñata. It is the old paper mache trick. Blow up a balloon to as big as you want your pumpkin to be and cover it with four layers of paper mache. We used 1 inch strips of newspaper with a 1:1 ratio of flour to water for the batter. Leave about a 2-3 inch circle open around the balloon tie.
RJ and mom came over to help. RJ was not a fan of the mess and mom ended up wearing as much as the balloons! Be ready to make a huge mess. We had batter all over the table, the kids, the chairs, and the floor.
You will need to start this project a week before you want to use it since it takes a few days for the mold to dry. We then used tempura paint to paint them orange. After they dried we used a Sharpe pen to draw the faces on.
Cut the balloon tie off and pull out the deflated balloon. Then the fun part of filling it with candy comes! The girls had to sample each type of candy of course!
To hang the pinata, Max blew a balloon up inside it and then tied a string to that balloon. It worked really well. We were surprised how sturdy the pumpkins were. Every kid at the party got to take at least one swing.

Fall Salad

You can make festive croutons for all your salads by using small cookie cutter shapes. Just cut out as many as you would like and brush them with olive oil. I sprinkled a little garlic salt on them but you could use any seasoning. Then bake in 350 degree oven for about 8 minutes. It makes for a fun and festive salad. I am picturing little snowmen, santas and Christmas tree croutons coming up!

Halloween Party Costumes

On Saturday we had a costume Halloween party at Chrysti's house. This week will be full of ghoulish treats we made, Halloween crafts and more! We missed you so much Grampu!! So get ready for the Halloween series! Kerrie was a 50's girl in a poodle skirt, Chrysti a witch, and I was a Medieval Queen.
RJ was a firefighter.

Scott was Peter Parker.

Titus was Spiderman!

Mom was a Hawaiian islander.

Clayton was VERY freaky from the movie Saw! YIKES!

The host with most!

Karlie our little Tinker Bell.

Hailey was a princess riding a unicorn. The unicorn was taking a rest.

Kaitlin was a giraffe.

Max was a dead pirate. He was so cute, I just had to kiss him!