Love at First Sight

On Tuesday I had my first OB appointment. This pregnancy has been unlike my other 3 in that I feel great. By this point I am usually fairly sick with "morning sickness", so exhausted that I am kicking myself for choosing to do this to myself again, and the slightest smell can set my nausea off. Well, not this time. I keep waiting for nausea, the total exhaustion, or anything like what I have experienced in the past.

During my visit I told my doctor that I was a little concerned with how little symptoms I was having. He said he puts a lot of faith in maternal instinct and got the ultrasound machine out to reassure me. As he was looking, he told me with a concerned voice that all he can see is fluid and we will need to do another type of ultrasound to get a clearer picture. He then asked me if I would like to page Max. Luckily Max works in the same building so he could come right over. I had the two little ones with me also. At this point I am bracing myself that we may have lost the baby. The nurse took Karlie out while the doctor performed the ultrasound. At first he only saw a fluid filled sac but then realized it is on my ovary. He moved below the mass and to our relief found a beautiful baby that measures perfectly and has a strong heartbeat! Thank God. I was instantly overcome with love. How you can fall so deeply in love with a black and white image that resembles a tadpole more than a baby and is less than 2 inches big, is a mystery to me. But there I was choked up with tears at the site of this precious baby that will be in my arms before I know it. It really is love at first sight.

As for the cyst on my ovary, we humbly request your prayers. It is a pretty good size. The recommendation from my doctor and the oncologist is to wait a month and rescan it then. They can't do anything in the first trimester for risk of causing a miscarriage. If at the repeat scan it is the same size or bigger, they will do surgery to remove it. Sometimes these cyst resolve and 97% of the time they are NOT cancerous. We are hoping to play the odds and with your love and support we will nervously wait a month to know more.


Splaneyo said...

Glad to hear all is well with the baby and you are feeling good. If it makes you feel any better, I too had a large cyst after Spencer was born and it went away. I will keep my fingers crossed though.

Grammy said...

Yeah, that falling in love at first sight thing is something all of us moms have in common. Doesn't ever end either....a life of love! Couldn't be bettter!

Anonymous said...

With you in thought and prayer. Gigi

The Allens (Dan, Kathleen, Ashley, Kylee & Abby) said...

Katie you and your family are on our prayers. We love you all soo much.