Herbal Escape

It is 4:45 am and Kaitlin is crying. I get up and try to comfort her in hopes she will go back to sleep. Run back in bed to try and get a little more rest before starting the day. Fifteen minutes later she is crying again and this time its the "I am not going back to sleep" cry. Great. Well, I will try and bring her to my bed and see if she will at least snuggle for a few minutes. Anything to prolong a little time under the covers and in my soft, sweet bed. Grab her, her favorite blankie and her little pillow. Ahh, back in bed and warm again. Kaitlin snuggles for a bit and ends up slithering up to the top of the bed and decides to roll over on my face. Sniff, sniff. Urine. Wet on my face. Ugh! She peed through her diaper onto her PJs. I must have not noticed since she was all wrapped in her blanket. But oh how I notice it now as it is smack up against my face. Explains the crying. Ewww. Guess it is time to get up.

Fast forward to the through the normal morning chaos of feeding, dressing, brushing hair and teeth. While I am in the bathroom finally trying to put myself together I hear Karlie cry out, "the Glow in the Dark necklaces don't taste good." What? I go running over to her to find her teeth glowing yellow with splatters of neon yellow glowing fluid on her shirt, her favorite stuffy, and splattered all across the floor! PANIC! Rush Karlie to bathroom and wash her mouth out. "NO, Karlie don't swallow, SPIT!" She is surely going to die! Strip the clothes off her, clean up the floor so the dog or baby don't also eat some. Then I hear Karlie say, "my fingers don't taste good either." YIKES! Totally spaced looking at her hands! Eek! Glowing hands and more in the mouth. Why must this child be so orally fixated??? Does EVERYTHING have to go in her mouth, especially this morning! Back to scrubbing her hands and mouth. Now where is that Poison Control number? Hmm. I cleaned the fridge off and put it somewhere important. On top of the fridge? No. In the desk? No. In my bedside table? No. Oh! In the special "mommy only" drawer with scissors, glue, and glitter? No. Check Karlie to make sure she hasn't started foaming at the mouth or anything that might indicate the poison has set in. Ah! Google is the answer. Find it and call them. Phew, it is not poisonous, just a mild irritant. They tell me to be sure to wash her mouth and hands. Thank God.

Run out and start the car so it can warm up before we go. Back to packing Hailey's lunch, getting coats, hats, gloves and backpacks. Oh. Poopy diaper. Change her and now we are on our way. Something is not right. The car is shuddering. Sure the shudder slows down the faster I go. Park, rev the engine. Still shuddering. All the gages are OK. Well, we are going to be late so guess I will just shutter, I mean drive on. Call Max and inform him of the situation. He says, "probably just a spark plug and you should be ok." Great. Get to school, unload all three, run down to the classroom, kiss Hailey good bye and head back to the car. I say a little prayer that the car will start. It is very cold and we are very far from home. It starts!

Sniff, sniff. Hmm, burning rubber. I hope that is the guy in front of me. Turn off the heater just in case. Gages are still ok, guess I will keep going until I see smoke? Shudder, shudder, burning rubber, burning rubber. Finally, home sweet, home. The smell of hot, burning rubber is very strong in the garage. Now I just have to figure out how to get Kaitlin to the doctor for the hives she has been having, get to the grocery store and pick up Hailey at school. Its 8:15 am.

Time for a shower. My oasis in this day that can only get better is a hot shower with a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil dropped in the corner of the shower. It produces an invigorating aroma that takes you to the spa. It relaxes and soothes as you shower. I recommend this as a quick refresher for a stressful day, when the holidays are getting to you, or when you need Calgon to take you away but you don't have the time! I picked up this bottle at Whole Foods. You can also order online .

Just as I was typing this, Kaitlin decided to unload the dishwasher and dropped my china bowl from my wedding on the floor. It shattered into too many pieces to glue. Kaitlin's doctor's office also just informed me they are booked and could get her in tomorrow. Well, at least the floor got vacuumed and I don't have to worry about getting Kaitlin to the doctor today. I knew I shouldn't have gotten out of bed!


MondaythroughSunday said...

Wow! One of those days! It is so great to be a Mom ~ who says that you are not "working"..lol

Anonymous said...

Oh maaaaaaaannnnn!!!! Aren't you glad I brought those neon necklaces????? What a bummer. You sure had a day! Love you

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