The Problem With Santa

Here is Hailey's Christmas letter to Santa."Dear Santa,
I want a talking horse named butterscotch and a student desk.
Love Hailey Your Very Good Friend.

Pretty brief for a six year old, huh? Well, it seems my six year old has out smarted me on the whole Santa Clause deal. One of the interesting parts of marriage is combining your family traditions. This can be sticky for some and especially difficult around the holidays. We were no exception. Max grew up with no Santa, while Santa was very much a part of Christmas for me. In fact my mom was still putting "from Santa" on my gifts when I was in college. So we had to decide if Santa was going to play a role in our children's Christmas. We discussed the lying, the paganism of it, the lack of the special gifts coming from us, and ultimately decided to play along with the game just as we do the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. Now I am regretting that decision.

Ya see, Hailey has put me in a tough spot where I either have to break the bank to keep the game alive or risk the grave disappointment on her little face when the big, jolly, red guy doesn't come through. Last year she asked for 5 or 6 things with one of them being this life like pony named Butterscotch. She moves her head to the sound of your voice, wags her tail, neighs, goes to sleep when the lights go off, nickers, and can be ridden on. The problem is she was $300.00. That is like the entire Christmas budget. So she got everything else on her list and when she asked why she didn't get the pony, we explained that Santa couldn't possibly get everyone everything on his or her list and that he has to distribute the toys fairly across the world to all the kids. So, he probably thought you would like to get everything else instead of just one gift. Went over great. She moved on and enjoyed all her toys. That is until this year.

I had the girls sit down and Hailey write her list and had Karlie tell me what she wanted me to write for her. Hailey wrote her list. I asked her why she only put two things. She said, "if I only ask Santa for Butterscotch then he will have to get it for me since it is the only present I am asking for." What about the other item? A student desk so she has somewhere to do her homework. Come on! Your killing me kid! I tried to talk her into revising her list saying, "won't you feel badly when your sisters have a bunch of presents under the tree and you only have one?" Her reply, "oh no mom! Having Butterscotch is like having 100 presents." Umm, well I thought we would just sit on it, show her a Toys R Us catalog and in time she would want to revise the list before sending it off to the North Pole. Well, here we are getting ready to send the letters and guess what? She is sending the original.

I have been watching the horse like a mad woman. Checking eBay, amazon, toys r us, and target. The price had slowly come down. I had thought maybe I could ask every family member buying her a gift to donate to the horse fund and maybe I could get it for her. But that still busts the Santa issue. It would say from all of us and then she would have no other gifts because I would have scraped every red cent we could spare to get the dang horse. Harrumph! I continued to keep on the look out for the horse. Then one day while doing my shopping at Costco there she was in all her glory for $200.00. I fought all my inner demons. I petted the horse. I called her name to see if she would turn her head. She was so soft. She was so big. She was so amazing. There were only two left. Could I even fit her in the cart? She was so pretty. I imagined Hailey sitting on top of her, calling her name, "Butterscotch." I pictured her shrill of excitement Christmas morning as she saw Butterscotch sitting under the tree. I pictured making her dreams come true... I was sold. So I have been suckered into keeping the magic alive for one more year, into spending a fortune on a robotic horse, and into giving her that one gift she is dying to see under the tree.

Thankfully, Kaitlin is too young to measure fairness and she will be having a bit of a smaller Christmas to afford the lavish horse. I am sure all the girls will get great pleasure out of having her and they will each in time have their magical Christmas where we, I mean Santa makes her wishes come true.


Anonymous said...

you are a sucker...but also unspeakably sweet. The golden pony (literally) will make Christmas magical and you have another whole year to slowly leak the Santa-non-existence news to the press. -anna

Steph said...

Hi Katie! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sounds like Christmas morning is going to be fun at your house! I live in Arvada...where are you? I scrolled through your postings and saw the Wild West Ranch...that's not too far from where I live. Looking forward to learning more about you & your family! :)

Devin said...

Yep, a MUCH better mommy than me. LOL!! Your little one will be thrilled! It will be soooooo worth it.

MondaythroughSunday said...

AHHH! A Christmas to remember!!

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