Simple Preschool Christmas Crafts

I am always looking for crafts to do with the girls, so I though I would share a few that we have done. Now if you have a Martha Stewart decorated home and tree, then these won't be what you are looking for. But if the sight of your little one's handprints, scribbles and artworks warms your heart, then you might want to try these. The best part is most of them use supplies you have lying around the house: construction paper, glue, scissors, glitter, and pipe cleaners.

Handprint Christmas Wreath
Trace your child’s handprints on a stack of green construction paper and cut out as many as you can stand. Cut the center of a paper plate out so to leave the outer ring intact. Let them put glue all over the paper plate ring and put a layer of handprints around it with fingers fanned outward. Continue to add hands until your wreath is complete. We used glitter pens to add sparkle circles. I then added a bow from wrapping ribbon and their name and date.

Handprint Christmas Tree
Same idea here, but stack the handprints with the fingers pointing down. Start at the bottom and drop and hand with each row. Go crazy with the glitter pens. Mom can cut out a star and a tree trunk to finish it off.

Shapes Christmas Tree
This one is perfect for very little ones. It is simple, not messy, and fast. I used the template from here and just printed the shapes on construction paper. I cut out all the shapes and let Kaitlin use the glue stick (and some guidance) to put the tree together and stick on the ornaments. You can go over colors and shapes with them while doing it. The best part is the craft is done before they lose interest and it was so easy, you don’t care if it looks like the left over scraps instead of a Christmas tree!

Cookie Ornament
So this one probably shouldn’t go in the box for next year. When you are making sugar cookies, set a side a few shapes of the dough and poke a whole in the top of the cookie. Let the dough dry hard. Give them some markers to color their masterpiece and thread a string through the top. Viola! You have an easy, cheap, and disposable Christmas craft.

Model Magic
Crayola's Model Magic Handprint
I really liked this one and it can be put in the box for many years to come. Buy some of Crayola’s Model Magic clay and roll out a circle large enough for your little one’s handprint. Help her press her hand firmly into the clay. Roll out a worm in another Christmas color that is long enough to wrap around the edges of your circle. Use a pencil to poke a hole through the top. Allow it to dry for 48 hours. Thread a ribbon through the top and then use glitter pens or puffy paint to put their name and year on it.

Clothespin Reindeer
This is the classic school age Christmas ornament. Paint the clothespin brown and let dry. Add google eyes, a red nose and black tail. Wrap some ribbon around to from a loop.

Decorated Glass Bulbs
Hobby Lobby and Michael's sell craft bulbs. We used clear bulbs and stuck gold and silver tinsel inside the bulbs. Then we used fabric paint to color on the bulbs. After reinserting the cap we tied some sparkly pipe cleaners around the top and curled them by wrapping them around a pencil. Another easy and quick craft for your tree. We have also just bought regular brightly colored bulbs and used glitter pens to color and decorate.

Left Over Candy Cane
Use any pipe cleaners you have and let the kids string all the left over beads from miscellaneous crafts onto the pipe cleaner. Bend down the ends and shape it like a candy cane.


Devin said...

Okay, it's clear you are a much better mommy than me. Those are some precious crafts and you are a real trooper.

Steph said...

I could never let my daughter see these crafts...that someone's MOM actually did with them! She would disown me. You are an awesome mom!!!

LearnHowToMakeBows said...

The handprint Christmas wreath is just perfect!! Love it! Thanks so much for sharing!
Merry Christmas!!

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