A Very Merry Christmas

I have a love-hate relationship with Norman Rockwell. I love him in that my imagination mirrors his paintings and he captures the ideal. Everything is picture perfect and wonderful in my mind. I play out the future in vivid detail. I fantasize about big events or special occasions, rehearsing every expression, the surprise, the reaction, and the feeling of the moment. Often I play it over so much in my head that the reality is disappointing. I hate him in that I expect Norman and get reality, which would be fine if I hadn't built it up so much in my head.

As we wrapped and wrapped and set out all the Santa gifts on Christmas Eve I started doing it again. Imagining her face when she saw Butterscotch. Imagining what Karlie would say about the fish, what Kaitlin would think of all the gifts. I felt an edge of worry creep in. Would their reaction meet my hopes? As we finally finished near 11 o'clock and headed to bed, I gazed outside. No snow. Those weathermen are always wrong. They had been promising a "white Christmas" all week. Not a flake. I tried to lower my expectations and be content with the thoughts of Kaitlin wanting to play with the wrapping paper and bows, of Hailey being happy about the horse but more interested in some dollar store gift, and Karlie wanting someone else's gift. I was bracing myself for reality.

The night was a reality check as Hailey and Karlie alternated coming in to see if it was time to get up every hour from 2:30 am on. I kissed Norman goodbye and tried to get a little sleep in between. Finally 5:30 am came and we let them go for it!

If Norman had painted this morning, it would have been his masterpiece! Karlie peeked around the corner and squealed with excitement, " a fish! A fish! We got a new fish!" Hailey's face when she rounded the corner and saw Butterscotch was priceless. MasterCard commercial here we come! Kaitlin's thrill as she opened her baby doll and tried with all her might to rip through the box to hold her baby was perfect. Norman style. The topper of it all was when we woke up to 3 inches of fresh, white snow. A Christmas miracle. This was the whitest Christmas on record for Colorado. Norman couldn't have captured all this magic and even my imagination didn't disappoint me. It was in all senses a very merry Christmas!

Here are just a few shots of our Norman Rockwell Christmas. There will be more to follow.

 White Christmas!
 The Horse!
 Karlie's Scooter!
 Kaitlin and her Baby.
 Karlie Having Tea.
 The Ever Growing Herd.
Max's RC Car!


Kay said...

Hi. I popped over from Monday-Sunday.
I am so like you. I always have such high expectations that I am disappointed most of the time.

the white Christmas was lovely wasn't it? We had it, too. Not all of CO got it though.

MondaythroughSunday said...

How fun!!! A very rememberable Christmas! Yeah!! I have learned over the years that the way I picture something happening in my mind and how it actually plays out are sometimes two way different scenarios. Either way..they are always wonderful..it is all dependent on my attitude. lol. We had a wonderful Christmas. It was very frugal this year and at one point I wondered how we were going to pull it off. Thank you God!! Oh..I love the matching PJ's..where did you get them?

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