Thursday 13 ~ Karlie

1. Karlie is our St. Patrick’s Day baby.
2. Her favorite color is green. Gee I wonder why?
3. She has blonde hair, although not much of it. She has only had her bangs trimmed in almost 4 years.
4. She has green eyes.
5. She resembles Tinkerbell in both personality and looks.
6. She is the toughest 3 years old I know. I secretly don’t think her pain receptors developed correctly, similarly to her hair follicles.
7. She loves gymnastics.
8. We call her Carnivore Karlie because meats are her main staple. For desert last night, she asked for chicken.
9. She doesn’t like cake, icing or ice cream. Didn’t get her mama’s genes in that department.
10. She is competitive and tries her hardest at most things.
11. I think she has Viking blood or at the very least fighting Irish blood. She is fearless.
12. She loves shoes and audio books.
13. She has a twinkle in her eye that makes her irresistibly cute and at the very same moment strikes fear into your heart. We are VERY scared for her teenage years.

Tagged for a Blogging Meme

Adorable and funny Abbie tagged me for this one. So here I go.


I started this blog in May of 2007.


My sister-in-law Heather inspired me to start one. I thought it would be a great way to keep in touch with family and friends spread across the nation. I don’t really have a mentor just a few blog buddies. I wish I were funnier or had unique and crafty things to post, but it is mostly a blog about our family.


I started Google AdSense a few months ago just to see what all the hype was about. Max and I joked that it could be my hair fund. Well, at the rate I am earning, I might be able to go to the salon for my 40th birthday! I blog for fun, as an outlet for a mom stuck in the house with little ones, and to share our lives with family and friends.


1. I love that it is on my terms. When I have time to “chat” or post I do. If I am having a really busy day then it can wait. I guess the lack of commitment.

2. I like being creative and blogging allows for some of that.

3. I like all the interesting people I have met and learning from other moms.


1. It is addicting. I find myself drawn to the computer throughout the day to just pop in and see if there is anything going on.

2. Shopping. On-line shopping has opened a whole new world to me. I used to love to shop until I had kids. Now loading up 3 kids and dragging them around the mall or a store is the furthest thing from an enjoyable time. But oh for on-line shopping. I am a major on-line “window” shopper. I am forever trying to find this or that at the rock bottom price with free shipping!

3. Finding the time to be a good blog and message board buddy.


Devin - because I admire someone that has 6 kids and can make it look easy.

Steph- because you are a fellow Colorado girl. I am sure with a full-time job, going to school full-time and raising two kids, you should have no problem getting this done!

Cris - because you are the funniest writer out there and I can’t wait to laugh at your response.

Best Dad Award

Hailey came down with a high fever over the weekend. I used my mom thermometer (kiss her forehead and cheeks) to see how high it was. The mom thermometer has three readings: a low reading that is under a 100 degrees and the treatment is lots of fluids but no medication, a medium fever that is over 100 degrees and gets a dose of Motrin or Tylenol, and then the very high reading of over 102 degrees that gets the real thermometer out for an accurate reading and nurse mode. She started out with the medium reading before bedtime and we gave her a dose of Motrin and sent her to bed.

An hour and half later she was crying in her bed complaining of head and neck pain. Max brought her into our room so we could thoroughly assess her. I gave her a kiss and the VERY high mom thermometer reading went off. Well, I can tell you a high fever (that was confirmed as 102 degrees with a real thermometer) after a dose of trusty Motrin and a child with no other symptoms complaining of head and neck pain will get the complete attention of a pathologist and nurse! Max ran her through a battery of test to look for Meningitis while I rubbed cold washrags over her. Her hands were so warm that they were uncomfortable to touch and she was breathing through her mouth, almost panting. There was no way we were going to let her sleep alone and possibly drift off into a coma over night.

So, Max being the caring man he is, volunteered to sleep on the floor next to Hailey and me. He went to the basement and got his sleeping bag and we all got tucked in for the night. Just then Karlie started to cry. Hailey and Karlie share a room with bunk beds and she missed Hailey. Max briefly considered sleeping on Hailey's top bunk, but I think the thought of the bed collapsing and squishing Karlie was not going to allow for a restful night of sleep. He opted to sleep with Karlie instead. Picture 6 foot 3 inch Max crammed into the bottom twin bunk bed surrounded with pink blankets, a handful of stuffed animals, and a thrashing 3 year old. Sounds like the picture of a perfect night of sleep. Just shows you what an amazing dad he is. He is willing to sleep on the floor to be near his sick little one or a crammed bed with his frightened princess. What a guy.

I am happy to report we escaped Meningitis, but that the nasty fever with body aches is making its rounds through the house. Karlie and I have it today and Hailey is still battling it. I am sure Max and Kaitlin will be its next prey.

One of Those Days

Ever have a day that seems destined from the start to go all wrong? At every opportunity for things to go wrong, they do. Today is one of those days. It started with Kaitlin crying at 5 am. I went in to see what was wrong. Sniff, Sniff. Smelled like puke. I picked her up and the smell was over powering. Definitely puke. No hoping to bring her to bed with me and get her to snuggle for another hour before starting our day. Lights on! We had Oreo cookies for dessert last night. I am sure you can use you imagination for this one. Lets just say the nurse in me reacted first. Tossed up Oreos have an uncanny resemblance to thrown-up blood. As my heart accelerated, I remember our desert. Phew, just normal vomit. For starters that is messed up when you categorize vomit, but such is the way it is in our house. After throwing Kaitlin in the shower and stripping the bed, I loaded up the laundry that included the crib bumper (this was not your average 21 month old amount of vomit, this was more on a man's scale-see categorizing vomit again) and headed down to start the wash. I stepped in something wet. I knew before I even looked, so why did I bother. The dang dog had peed on the carpet. Fabulous! Something else to clean up and I haven't even had my coffee. After tending to all that and getting a little coffee in me, it was time to get the kids dressed for school. I had Hailey get in the shower. I went to check on her and found her shivering. What is the matter I wondered and then the laundry light bulb went off in my head. Poor girl was showering in freezing water. I helped her finish up as quickly as possible with 100 apologies. We finally get through the last run of the spelling words, get loaded, and off to school.

I had a dentist appointment at 10 am. I quickly (as quickly as you can with a 3 year old and toddler) showered and dressed. No time to dry my hair if I was going to drop the kids off at my mom's in time. Rushed some more and got to the dentist. I was having a nice chat with hygienist who is a month further along in her pregnancy than I am. This powerful, sulfur, rotten egg smell waifed across my nose. Now, having been pregnant my fair share, I am all too aware of the lovely effects it can have on you, especially the GI tract, if you get my drift. So trying to be polite I try not to squinch my nose or act like I notice anything at all. Remember I am in the dentist chair with my head in her lap. Well we continue with the exam until the smell becomes so profound that I am having trouble keeping my mouth open. She finally blurts out to the others, "What is that smell?" One of the secretaries answer that they were instructed not to use the bathroom as the city is doing some sewer construction and so it must be from that. I giggled to myself. She was probably thinking the same thing about me for those few minutes!

So I rushed home with kids. We were on a tight schedule. I needed to get Kaitlin down for a nap by noon to give her enough nap before I have to wake her up to go pick Hailey up from school. It was 11:40 am. It was also the end of the week, so the pantry was bare. We had no bread left and no snack foods. I threw a pot on for Mac-N-Cheese and remembered the wash! YIKES! Kaitlin's bedding, her favorite blankie, pillow, and stuffed animal were all in the wash! I ran and switched them to the dryer. I got back up stairs to hungry and tired kids. After frantically searching for the Mac-N-Cheese, I realized we were out of this too. Rats! As I was wracking my brain to come up with something quick for them to eat, Karlie walked toward me with her hand stuck in her teapot. I told her I would help her get it out. She was struggling and pulling with all her might as she walked toward me, and as if it were in slow motion, the teapot slipped off her hand, made a big beautiful arc and crashed to the ground. It shattered into 5 large pieces and 100s off little glass shards spread all over the kitchen floor. This day is awesome. Picture crying Karlie, hungry, whining Kaitlin, and me close to tears. So I got them some food and vacuumed up the mess. Of course I didn't see the kids' play cell phone that has a rope handle, so it got sucked up in the vacuum and made this terrible smell and the vacuum didn't seem to work just right. Well, I just put it back in the closet. Maybe a little rest will fix it.

I finally got the crib made back up and put Kaitlin to sleep and tucked Karlie in when "ding-dong" and "WHACK, WHACK" on the front door. For some reason, without fail our friendly UPS man's route lands right at 1230. He is very good at his job and makes sure you hear him. A simple ring of the bell and leave the package at the door won't do. He has to do a double ring and then 2 or 3 thuds on the door for good measure. This sent the dog into hysterics and barking up a storm. Karlie knows the drill all to well and came out screaming, "a package, a package!!" By the grace of God Kaitlin slept through this hurricane. It is now 1 pm and I am afraid, very afraid of what the rest of my day has in store for me.

Thursday 13 ~ Places I Want to Go

1. Maui
2. Kauai
3. Honolulu
4. Italy
5. Spain
6. Greece
7. Tahiti
8. Jamaica
9. St. Lucia
10. Bahamas
11. Bermuda
12. Mexico
13. Did I mention the beach?

I guess this long and cold winter has me longing for white sand beaches, beautiful palm trees, a body that would fit in a bikini, and maybe a cabana boy to bring me a girly drink with an umbrella in it.

Kaitlin and the Refrigerator

We probably have a thousand dollars worth of toys spread from the top to the bottom of the house, yet where is Kaitlin's favorite place to play? In our refrigerator. She loves to play with the light switch and rearrange the food. Without fail I will be cooking dinner and she will take numerous items out and bring them to me. Sometimes she puts them in the pantry and sometimes she puts things from the pantry into the refrigerator.Light off.
Light on.
Dogs are good for a quick clean up.
Did I do that?

One Down, 5 To Go

On Saturday Max and I went on a date! Yep, just the two of us. I figured if we had any chance of meeting one of my New Year's goals of going on 6 dates, then we had better try to get the majority of them done before the baby arrives. Earlier in the week we got a flier from Johnny Carino's and 25 bucks in the mail. Since they arrived on the same day, it seemed fate would have us go on a date. I am sure the tantalizing pictures of fat laden pasta and mouthwatering deserts had noting to do with my intentions.

The flier was promoting their Two Can Dine for Twenty deal. What a deal indeed. You can each choose from a list of entrĂ©es with unlimited soup or salad and bread. The best part is sharing one of their delicious deserts. I could have had their New York cheesecake for the appetizer, main course, and then desert too! It was exquisite. I encourage all of you to run to your nearest Johnny Carino’s and try this out. We all need an excuse to go on a date, right? We had left overs too, so it really is a bargain. Hurry, offer ends February 10th. Sorry fellas you won't get a cheap Valentine’s date.

Thursday 13 Version 4.0 Edition

1. He is now viable! If he tried to come now everything possible would be done to save him.
2. 56% of babies born now will survive, although ½ of them will have severe handicaps.
3. His ears are structurally complete and he now has the ability to sense being upside down.
4. His eyes are reactive to light.
5. He will gain about 6oz this week.
6. He is the 4th grandson and 7th grandchild on my side.
7. He is the 3rd grandson and 7th grandchild on Max’s side.
8. He is about 1 pound and 3 oz.
9. He is almost as long as a ruler.
10. His lungs continue to develop and starting to secrete surfactant.
11. My uterus is about the size of a soccer ball. See its not only in my thighs…
12. He looks just like Karlie.
13. He does not have a name yet.


Getting ready for bed in our house. Press play to enjoy music with the bedtime dance.

Don't they look all ready for bed and a nice long slumber?

Butterfly Pavilion

One of our other adventures during Christmas break was to visit the Butterfly Pavilion. Here the kids can hold spiders ( a huge Tarantula named Rosie), touch sea creatures, see every kind of gross and scary insect imaginable, and walk around in a magical butterfly garden. Every once and a while you get lucky and a butterfly will land on you. We happened to get lucky on this visit and one jumped on Kaitlin's foot. To rescue it from being squashed, Karlie carefully let it walk onto her hand. She then passed it to Hailey. The girls were beside themselves. I was wishing Max was there so I could take more pictures of the tropical flowers. It made me long for Hawaii. Maybe one day we will get to take a Christmas break there. Now that is my idea of a break!

Bowling Babes

Over the Christmas break I tried do something special each day of the week to make it fun for the kids. We did many things and the girls had a blast (although loading up all these monkeys and going anywhere is anything but a break). So when I don't have anything good to blog about, you will be subjected to me showing off my babes. Today's edition is bowling. It was a freezing blizzard outside the day we had scheduled to go. Perfect! Get them out of the house to burn off a little energy. I am sure I provided some hilarious entertainment for the fellow patrons. Imagine me waddling up to throw the ball. Whoa, is she gonna tip over? I have never been good at bowling but something about this new center of gravity transformed my skills. Kaitlin always got the first roll and then I would do the second round to try and pick up a few pins. I was amazed when more than once I made a spare and few strikes. Hailey had beginners luck and did really well too. I saw a competitive streak in Karlie. She was rather disappointed at the repeated gutter shots. One game was the perfect time. We were all done by the 10th round. The bowling ball belt and fan had lost its intrigue, I had pulled a groin, and it was lunchtime. Hungry pregnant woman and hungry kids near nap time is definitely a cue to leave!

I Think I Bit Off More Than I Can Chew

That is saying a lot, especially when we are talking cookies. Hailey joined Girl Scouts USA and became a Brownie this year. I fully support the organization and think the values they teach young girls are immeasurable. How can you go wrong when you emphasize service to God, country, family and community?

So when the Troop Leader asked the room full of moms if someone would be the cookie mom a hush fell over the room. Not a single eye made contact, not a noise was made. That long, uncomfortable silence just lingered and lingered. I couldn't stand it any longer. Our poor troop leader was "given" the role when the former moved away. It was either she took it or the troop went down in flames because no one wanted the job. So after squirming in my seat and thinking how if I really support their cause, it's the least I could do. I quietly announced I would take the job. Instantly murmurs and whispers erupted. One mom said to me, "oh my friend does the cookie mom and she says its hell." Another whispered, "better you than me." One final comment was, " you really think you can take that on with all those little kids?"

I began to wonder just what exactly I agreed to. I mean its little girls selling cookies. We all go out and try to sell a few boxes of cookies, right? No big deal? Wrong. The "Cookie Director" meeting quickly showed me that this was a big deal and many people take it very seriously. I had mom's telling me it's a full-time job from Jan until March and that I need spread sheets, cell phone numbers and that I must set firm guidelines right away on how often parents can contact me. Holy cow, I just though a bunch moms were going to get together and sample some delicious Girl Scout cookies. As they handed me a black hat with "Cookie Director" on it and a packet that weighed near 10 pounds, I began to look for the door. Could I back out now? Could I fake contractions? No the troop leader was there with me. Guess I will just have to dig my heels in and get through cookie season.

Let me tell you that Girl Scouts USA has this thing down to a precise science including profiling stores for booth sales and military like precision in the cookie pick-up and money transfers. I almost feel like I am involved in a black market mafia operation. LOL. These cookies are intense.

Today marks the first day of Girl Scout cookie sales! So get your checkbooks ready because the girls will be at your door right after school. And for me, well, only 59 more days in the Cookie Mom trenches. I have already informed the Troop Leader that I will not be doing a repeat tour next year as a newborn just is not a good mix for a Cookie Mom.

Thursday Thirteen Laundry Edition

Laundry consumes an amazing amount of my time. So here are 13 dirty little facts about laundry in the MKHKK household.

1. I am willing to go generic on everything but a handful of items. Tide and Bounce are two of those.

2. I love the towel load. It folds quickly and can be wrinkled and no one cares.

3. I hate the white loads. Folding all the underwear, t-shirts, and socks.... I hate to match socks.

4. Since I hate matching socks so much, I have a sock box that I throw all the socks in. I pay the girls 5 cents per pair to match them for me.

5. Karlie folds better than Hailey and sometimes me.

6. Max's work shirts go to the dry cleaner. I only iron under crisis situations.

7. I rarely follow the instruction to "promptly remove after drying." More like a day or two later.

8.We have 2-3 pink loads/ week.

9. I have learned clothes can sit washed and wet in the washer for two days before they start to smell and need a rewash.

10. Shout is my favorite part of laundry. The kids wouldn't have any clothes that weren't stained if it weren't for Shout.

11. I have laundry envy. You know some people's clothes just smell so fresh and clean. I have yet to find the detergent. Tide is close, but not the one.

12. I almost always use hot wash and high heat. Clothes have to be tough and durable to survive me.

13. Laundry never gets crossed off my list of things to do or if it does, it is right back on there in the morning.

My Friend the Mammoth

I don't know if anyone else's kids have the sock and shoe disorder like mine do, but they have this propensity to promptly remove their socks and shoes at all times unless walking. As a mom, it makes me cold just looking at their tiny little feet running on hardwood floors in the middle of the winter when its a balmy 30 degrees outside. No matter how many times I put socks or slippers on their feet, I turn around a moment later to find them barefoot again. I am sure this disorder comes from my husbands genes.

Well, I have a new friend. Crocs has come out with a winter line called the Mammoth. Oh how I love crocs. The mammoths are perfect prescription for my kids' foot disorder. They are warm and cozy and are the socks and shoes in one. Now I only have to chase down 2 items per kid and they slip on in a snap. I know one shalt not covet thy neighbor's things but is it ok to covet your kids'? I can't wait to get my feet in a pair of these. Hopefully Crocs' stock isn't a sign of their future because we have grown to love these ugly ducklings.

Hold That Pink

So much for a mother's intuition. I have been 100% wrong about the gender of each baby. But I was really wrong this time. In fact, I was positive without a doubt that we were having another precious baby girl. As we waited to find out for sure that a princess was headed our way, I knit her this newborn hat.

I had 2 very vivid dreams about learning it was going to be girl. We had a name picked out and I was ready to get her nursery and Kaitlin's room all pretty in pink.

I had fallen in love with some fabric and started to build their room around it. I made the quilt and the bed skirt. I found a bumper and crib sheet that matched just right. I splurged when Pottery Barn Kids had the perfect shade of pink drapes to finish off the window. I was getting ready to buy more fabric to make a changing table cover and valance when the blue came crashing in!

I will admit it has taken me over a month and 3 ultrasounds for it to really sink in that we are expecting a boy. All I have known up to this point is pink, frilly, soft and sweet. I am having a hard time changing gears. I am now on a mission to create a room that is boy enough for our little guy and girl enough for Kaitlin. So far I am failing. I have a lot to do in 4 months!

How to Gain 10 lbs in One Month

22 weeks and growing rapidly! I had my check-up with my doctor yesterday. The baby is doing great and apparently I am doing a little too well. It's a little embarrassing when the doctor checks your weight gain from the last appointment and replies, "I see the holidays have been treating you well." As I turned a few shades of red, I acknowledged that yes we have been eating well. So well that I have gained 10 POUNDS!!! The doctor was kind enough to tell me that I am still in the "normal range for weight gain at this point" but I had better reign it in a little. So, it looks like I will have to cut out a few of the foods we have been feasting on. If you are one of the only people NOT resolving to lose weight or get in shape in the new year, then follow this strict diet to achieve a Santa Clause appearance like I have!

Prime Rib and Yorkshire Pudding for our Christmas Eve dinner.
Creamed Eggs for breakfast on Christmas morning. Can you hear my heart calling for help yet?
Baked brie with apricot preserves in the middle. Don't worry, this wasn't the main course, just an appetizer on New Years Eve.
Turkey, the creamiest and most butter laden mashed potatoes I have ever made for New Year's Day dinner.
Last but certainly not least, cheesecake.

Now these are only the highlights for gaining 10 lbs. If you need help filling in the rest, don't hesitate to call. I am sure if you added a little wine with all of this, you could achieve an even higher rate of gain!

Thursday Thirteen~1st edition

While visiting Monday through Sunday's blog I learned that many bloggers participate in the Thursday Thirteens where every Thursday they write about 13 things. Since this is the New Year, I thought I would really challenge myself and give myself 13 goals for 2008. My goal last year was to finish the Tri For the Cure Women's Triathlon. It was a great feeling as I crossed that finish line! We will see if I can squeeze in 12 more this year.

I think Benjamin Franklin sums it up in this quote.

Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve.

1. Make more time for Max and I as a couple. I want to go on at least 6 dates this year as opposed to our 2 last year.

2. Learn to give or throw away more. We love taking everyone's stuff and have a hard time letting go of stuff long after it has served its purpose.

3. Start a daily devotional.

4. Compete in the Tri For the Cure's Buddy relay team this August. Since Version 4.0 won't be out until May, that will give me only 3 months to train. I think I can do it if I only have one event (the swim) to train for. We will see how tired I am.

5. Lose baby weight by New Year's.

6. Take one vacation to somewhere.

7. Clean my bathroom more. The guest one gets regular cleaning, but since no one sees mine it gets neglected.

8. Not be a "frumpy" mom. Warning Max- this may involve shopping.

9. Floss.

10. Knit something.

11. Sew something.

12. Read at least 4 books. My Secret Unicorn and Dragon Tales don't count.

13. Learn how to budget.

Our New Year's Day of New

We started our day of new by playing Hi Ho Cherry-O. Grama Helen gave us this game for Christmas. What better way to break in a new gift? I am big fan of this game. It is perfect for Karlie and Hailey to play on their own! We played a few rounds with them and then they continued to play over and over like kids do, but we didn't have to help. It was great fun and has an educational component as it requires them to count.

As far as the wearing new things, it was a pretty boring affair. Let's just say it consisted of socks, undies and hair ties. The kids rented a new Scooby-Doo movie to watch. Max and I rented Babel but were too tired by the time the kids went to bed to start it. Better luck next year.

Now for the best part of all the new things we tried... FOOD! I had bought this variety cheesecake platter for our New Year's Eve party, but we were so busy eating other things and playing games, I forgot to serve it. Oh shucks, an entire tray of cheesecake to eat. Bummer. I guess I will just have to eat all of it. I certainly wouldn't want ANY to go to waste. So we each picked a flavor to try and shared. It was the first time we had tired these flavors. We have a bunch a cheesecake lovers. Karlie and Hailey each ate their entire piece (of course I ate all mine). Shucks, no leftovers for mom. Probably better that way. Kaitlin enjoyed sampling all varieties too. Now we only have 9 more pieces to devour. It should make it until dessert tonight, but may not!