Best Dad Award

Hailey came down with a high fever over the weekend. I used my mom thermometer (kiss her forehead and cheeks) to see how high it was. The mom thermometer has three readings: a low reading that is under a 100 degrees and the treatment is lots of fluids but no medication, a medium fever that is over 100 degrees and gets a dose of Motrin or Tylenol, and then the very high reading of over 102 degrees that gets the real thermometer out for an accurate reading and nurse mode. She started out with the medium reading before bedtime and we gave her a dose of Motrin and sent her to bed.

An hour and half later she was crying in her bed complaining of head and neck pain. Max brought her into our room so we could thoroughly assess her. I gave her a kiss and the VERY high mom thermometer reading went off. Well, I can tell you a high fever (that was confirmed as 102 degrees with a real thermometer) after a dose of trusty Motrin and a child with no other symptoms complaining of head and neck pain will get the complete attention of a pathologist and nurse! Max ran her through a battery of test to look for Meningitis while I rubbed cold washrags over her. Her hands were so warm that they were uncomfortable to touch and she was breathing through her mouth, almost panting. There was no way we were going to let her sleep alone and possibly drift off into a coma over night.

So, Max being the caring man he is, volunteered to sleep on the floor next to Hailey and me. He went to the basement and got his sleeping bag and we all got tucked in for the night. Just then Karlie started to cry. Hailey and Karlie share a room with bunk beds and she missed Hailey. Max briefly considered sleeping on Hailey's top bunk, but I think the thought of the bed collapsing and squishing Karlie was not going to allow for a restful night of sleep. He opted to sleep with Karlie instead. Picture 6 foot 3 inch Max crammed into the bottom twin bunk bed surrounded with pink blankets, a handful of stuffed animals, and a thrashing 3 year old. Sounds like the picture of a perfect night of sleep. Just shows you what an amazing dad he is. He is willing to sleep on the floor to be near his sick little one or a crammed bed with his frightened princess. What a guy.

I am happy to report we escaped Meningitis, but that the nasty fever with body aches is making its rounds through the house. Karlie and I have it today and Hailey is still battling it. I am sure Max and Kaitlin will be its next prey.


Abbie said...

I'm sorry for the yucks going around Katie-girl! That is never fun. But I AM very impressed with your mommy thermometer skills! :)
Hope you all are able to get some rest and feel better soon my friend!

Jessica said...

YUCK! (I have to admit that the nurse in me immediately feared meningitis as well! I am glad that escaped you!)

I hope all is better soon! Chicken soup, movies and rest for all!

Devin said...

What a wonderful daddy...and a cute bedroom!

Steph said...

Yes, I would definitely vote for him for Best Dad! Kudos!!!

And I love their room. So cute! I want to get Logan a bunk bed when he gets older...for no apparent reason because we have no other kids, and Ciara sure won't share a room with him. Anyway, so cute!!!

Hope you guys are all feeling better!

Splaneyo said...

I have a mom thermometer too, but only because I hate taking their temperatures. The ear one never works, they are awful at holding it under their tongues, they squirm like mad under the arm and the other option is, well, the last resort for sure.

Hope Hailey is feeling better! Those high fevers are so scary.