Bowling Babes

Over the Christmas break I tried do something special each day of the week to make it fun for the kids. We did many things and the girls had a blast (although loading up all these monkeys and going anywhere is anything but a break). So when I don't have anything good to blog about, you will be subjected to me showing off my babes. Today's edition is bowling. It was a freezing blizzard outside the day we had scheduled to go. Perfect! Get them out of the house to burn off a little energy. I am sure I provided some hilarious entertainment for the fellow patrons. Imagine me waddling up to throw the ball. Whoa, is she gonna tip over? I have never been good at bowling but something about this new center of gravity transformed my skills. Kaitlin always got the first roll and then I would do the second round to try and pick up a few pins. I was amazed when more than once I made a spare and few strikes. Hailey had beginners luck and did really well too. I saw a competitive streak in Karlie. She was rather disappointed at the repeated gutter shots. One game was the perfect time. We were all done by the 10th round. The bowling ball belt and fan had lost its intrigue, I had pulled a groin, and it was lunchtime. Hungry pregnant woman and hungry kids near nap time is definitely a cue to leave!


Splaneyo said...

You are a brave woman to take 3 kids to a bowling alley. We had Spencer's birthday party at the bowling alley and Sam and I thought we were going to loose our minds with kids and bowling balls everywhere.

MondaythroughSunday said...

How fun!! It has been awhile since we have gone bowling...we may have to plan an outing!