Hold That Pink

So much for a mother's intuition. I have been 100% wrong about the gender of each baby. But I was really wrong this time. In fact, I was positive without a doubt that we were having another precious baby girl. As we waited to find out for sure that a princess was headed our way, I knit her this newborn hat.

I had 2 very vivid dreams about learning it was going to be girl. We had a name picked out and I was ready to get her nursery and Kaitlin's room all pretty in pink.

I had fallen in love with some fabric and started to build their room around it. I made the quilt and the bed skirt. I found a bumper and crib sheet that matched just right. I splurged when Pottery Barn Kids had the perfect shade of pink drapes to finish off the window. I was getting ready to buy more fabric to make a changing table cover and valance when the blue came crashing in!

I will admit it has taken me over a month and 3 ultrasounds for it to really sink in that we are expecting a boy. All I have known up to this point is pink, frilly, soft and sweet. I am having a hard time changing gears. I am now on a mission to create a room that is boy enough for our little guy and girl enough for Kaitlin. So far I am failing. I have a lot to do in 4 months!


Abbie said...

I vote to keep the pink-being 'metro' seems to be the big thing lately! Maybe he'll just be a little man with lots of style!! ;)

Steph said...

Oh wow, I didn't realize you had already done all of that "pink stuff"! Very cute by the way! I was way apprehensive about having a little boy, because we have nothing but girls in our family (needless to say, my dad was ecstatic to meet Logan!). But now? I LOVE IT!!! Sometimes I still tell Read "I can't BELIEVE we have a little boy!". It's the best. You will love it!

No ideas on the decorating though. I am definitely not the person to ask about that!

Jessica said...

Too funny! I am laughing out loud! Save that pink stuff! either that or leave it up and pray the ultrasounds were wrong!!!!

MondaythroughSunday said...

LOL..at least you have four months! My mother was so sure with one of her babies...so sure until they pulled him...wait..her out!!