I Think I Bit Off More Than I Can Chew

That is saying a lot, especially when we are talking cookies. Hailey joined Girl Scouts USA and became a Brownie this year. I fully support the organization and think the values they teach young girls are immeasurable. How can you go wrong when you emphasize service to God, country, family and community?

So when the Troop Leader asked the room full of moms if someone would be the cookie mom a hush fell over the room. Not a single eye made contact, not a noise was made. That long, uncomfortable silence just lingered and lingered. I couldn't stand it any longer. Our poor troop leader was "given" the role when the former moved away. It was either she took it or the troop went down in flames because no one wanted the job. So after squirming in my seat and thinking how if I really support their cause, it's the least I could do. I quietly announced I would take the job. Instantly murmurs and whispers erupted. One mom said to me, "oh my friend does the cookie mom and she says its hell." Another whispered, "better you than me." One final comment was, " you really think you can take that on with all those little kids?"

I began to wonder just what exactly I agreed to. I mean its little girls selling cookies. We all go out and try to sell a few boxes of cookies, right? No big deal? Wrong. The "Cookie Director" meeting quickly showed me that this was a big deal and many people take it very seriously. I had mom's telling me it's a full-time job from Jan until March and that I need spread sheets, cell phone numbers and that I must set firm guidelines right away on how often parents can contact me. Holy cow, I just though a bunch moms were going to get together and sample some delicious Girl Scout cookies. As they handed me a black hat with "Cookie Director" on it and a packet that weighed near 10 pounds, I began to look for the door. Could I back out now? Could I fake contractions? No the troop leader was there with me. Guess I will just have to dig my heels in and get through cookie season.

Let me tell you that Girl Scouts USA has this thing down to a precise science including profiling stores for booth sales and military like precision in the cookie pick-up and money transfers. I almost feel like I am involved in a black market mafia operation. LOL. These cookies are intense.

Today marks the first day of Girl Scout cookie sales! So get your checkbooks ready because the girls will be at your door right after school. And for me, well, only 59 more days in the Cookie Mom trenches. I have already informed the Troop Leader that I will not be doing a repeat tour next year as a newborn just is not a good mix for a Cookie Mom.


Abbie said...

Ok Katie! hahah You will do great. You just crack me up, I TOTALLY cannot stand that uncomfortable silence either. I would have been the idiot, I MEAN sweet soul to have raised my hand too :)

Jessica said...

Wow! I never realized how serious this role was! You better get a bullet proof vest in case you make the girl scout cookie mafia mad!!!

Steph said...

Kudos (I mean, cookies!) to you for volunteering. I can't believe it's already time for those darn cookies. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE them, and that is exactly the problem! I would definitely like to have some if you wanna email me...williamspublic at comcast dot net.

MondaythroughSunday said...

They are so GOOD! You will do a great job..I am sure of it!