Kaitlin and the Refrigerator

We probably have a thousand dollars worth of toys spread from the top to the bottom of the house, yet where is Kaitlin's favorite place to play? In our refrigerator. She loves to play with the light switch and rearrange the food. Without fail I will be cooking dinner and she will take numerous items out and bring them to me. Sometimes she puts them in the pantry and sometimes she puts things from the pantry into the refrigerator.Light off.
Light on.
Dogs are good for a quick clean up.
Did I do that?


Jessica said...

Too funny! I do worry about the dog eating the raw eggs! I wonder if they can get salmonella??? I guess that is the nurse in me! Thanks for thinking of me lately! I will hopefully get my answers tomorrow. Happy Wednesday!

MondaythroughSunday said...

My little sister was the same way! We actually got a lock for the fridge..LOL.

Lacey Morgan said...

Love the "did I do that picture!" She is precious!! All your children are. I am so happy your having a 4.0. ;0)

courtney said...

Cate does the same thing! Makes a bee line for the open door every time. Who can resist that smile? ;)