One of Those Days

Ever have a day that seems destined from the start to go all wrong? At every opportunity for things to go wrong, they do. Today is one of those days. It started with Kaitlin crying at 5 am. I went in to see what was wrong. Sniff, Sniff. Smelled like puke. I picked her up and the smell was over powering. Definitely puke. No hoping to bring her to bed with me and get her to snuggle for another hour before starting our day. Lights on! We had Oreo cookies for dessert last night. I am sure you can use you imagination for this one. Lets just say the nurse in me reacted first. Tossed up Oreos have an uncanny resemblance to thrown-up blood. As my heart accelerated, I remember our desert. Phew, just normal vomit. For starters that is messed up when you categorize vomit, but such is the way it is in our house. After throwing Kaitlin in the shower and stripping the bed, I loaded up the laundry that included the crib bumper (this was not your average 21 month old amount of vomit, this was more on a man's scale-see categorizing vomit again) and headed down to start the wash. I stepped in something wet. I knew before I even looked, so why did I bother. The dang dog had peed on the carpet. Fabulous! Something else to clean up and I haven't even had my coffee. After tending to all that and getting a little coffee in me, it was time to get the kids dressed for school. I had Hailey get in the shower. I went to check on her and found her shivering. What is the matter I wondered and then the laundry light bulb went off in my head. Poor girl was showering in freezing water. I helped her finish up as quickly as possible with 100 apologies. We finally get through the last run of the spelling words, get loaded, and off to school.

I had a dentist appointment at 10 am. I quickly (as quickly as you can with a 3 year old and toddler) showered and dressed. No time to dry my hair if I was going to drop the kids off at my mom's in time. Rushed some more and got to the dentist. I was having a nice chat with hygienist who is a month further along in her pregnancy than I am. This powerful, sulfur, rotten egg smell waifed across my nose. Now, having been pregnant my fair share, I am all too aware of the lovely effects it can have on you, especially the GI tract, if you get my drift. So trying to be polite I try not to squinch my nose or act like I notice anything at all. Remember I am in the dentist chair with my head in her lap. Well we continue with the exam until the smell becomes so profound that I am having trouble keeping my mouth open. She finally blurts out to the others, "What is that smell?" One of the secretaries answer that they were instructed not to use the bathroom as the city is doing some sewer construction and so it must be from that. I giggled to myself. She was probably thinking the same thing about me for those few minutes!

So I rushed home with kids. We were on a tight schedule. I needed to get Kaitlin down for a nap by noon to give her enough nap before I have to wake her up to go pick Hailey up from school. It was 11:40 am. It was also the end of the week, so the pantry was bare. We had no bread left and no snack foods. I threw a pot on for Mac-N-Cheese and remembered the wash! YIKES! Kaitlin's bedding, her favorite blankie, pillow, and stuffed animal were all in the wash! I ran and switched them to the dryer. I got back up stairs to hungry and tired kids. After frantically searching for the Mac-N-Cheese, I realized we were out of this too. Rats! As I was wracking my brain to come up with something quick for them to eat, Karlie walked toward me with her hand stuck in her teapot. I told her I would help her get it out. She was struggling and pulling with all her might as she walked toward me, and as if it were in slow motion, the teapot slipped off her hand, made a big beautiful arc and crashed to the ground. It shattered into 5 large pieces and 100s off little glass shards spread all over the kitchen floor. This day is awesome. Picture crying Karlie, hungry, whining Kaitlin, and me close to tears. So I got them some food and vacuumed up the mess. Of course I didn't see the kids' play cell phone that has a rope handle, so it got sucked up in the vacuum and made this terrible smell and the vacuum didn't seem to work just right. Well, I just put it back in the closet. Maybe a little rest will fix it.

I finally got the crib made back up and put Kaitlin to sleep and tucked Karlie in when "ding-dong" and "WHACK, WHACK" on the front door. For some reason, without fail our friendly UPS man's route lands right at 1230. He is very good at his job and makes sure you hear him. A simple ring of the bell and leave the package at the door won't do. He has to do a double ring and then 2 or 3 thuds on the door for good measure. This sent the dog into hysterics and barking up a storm. Karlie knows the drill all to well and came out screaming, "a package, a package!!" By the grace of God Kaitlin slept through this hurricane. It is now 1 pm and I am afraid, very afraid of what the rest of my day has in store for me.


Abbie said...

Ohhhh Katie Friend! :(

I'm sorry. Here's a GIANT hug all the way from Oregon! :)

So, what did you end up finding to make for them to eat?? :)

Jessica said...


Yes, you are definately a nurse if you catergorize puke!

I know the feeling of being out of bread and mac n cheese... You know you need to go to the grocery store when this RARE occurance happens... I have to admit we fall back on Ramen noodles too.. (Even more rare if we are out of the best 10 cent lunch you can get!) I hope the rest of your day was better....

Steph said...

Oh my gosh, Katie! What a day! Good thing it was Friday, at least you have this weekend! I hope the rest of your day went better.

Our kitchen is in about the same state as yours...1/2 gallon of milk (not good for a 1 year old and a milk-guzzling 5 year old!), about 4 slices of bread, 2 slices of cheese...Sam's here we come!


Thats about right:) 2 MORE!

Devin said...

Oh, honey, that STINKS! I hate days like that, and boy do we have those here too. And people say stay-at-home mommy's have it easy?!