Our New Year's Day of New

We started our day of new by playing Hi Ho Cherry-O. Grama Helen gave us this game for Christmas. What better way to break in a new gift? I am big fan of this game. It is perfect for Karlie and Hailey to play on their own! We played a few rounds with them and then they continued to play over and over like kids do, but we didn't have to help. It was great fun and has an educational component as it requires them to count.

As far as the wearing new things, it was a pretty boring affair. Let's just say it consisted of socks, undies and hair ties. The kids rented a new Scooby-Doo movie to watch. Max and I rented Babel but were too tired by the time the kids went to bed to start it. Better luck next year.

Now for the best part of all the new things we tried... FOOD! I had bought this variety cheesecake platter for our New Year's Eve party, but we were so busy eating other things and playing games, I forgot to serve it. Oh shucks, an entire tray of cheesecake to eat. Bummer. I guess I will just have to eat all of it. I certainly wouldn't want ANY to go to waste. So we each picked a flavor to try and shared. It was the first time we had tired these flavors. We have a bunch a cheesecake lovers. Karlie and Hailey each ate their entire piece (of course I ate all mine). Shucks, no leftovers for mom. Probably better that way. Kaitlin enjoyed sampling all varieties too. Now we only have 9 more pieces to devour. It should make it until dessert tonight, but may not!


Abbie said...

You mean ALL you guys wore all day were socks, undies and hair ties?? Thats really weird....What did you do when someone knocked on the door??
And CHEESECAKE?! All different kinds?? Oh lordy...*oops* I'm drooling on my keyboard!! haha

Splaneyo said...

I usually look like Max in the photo when I have to play that game. Why does the bucket have to spill? Why? It seems to take hours in our house with endless dogs, birds and bucket spilling. Sam taught Spencer to play solitaire - now there is a game!

The cheesecake looks great - we just had fondue. We had a pretty tame holiday season as far as food goes. We did make doughnuts, but that is about it.

Hope all is well.

MKHKK said...

Ha Ha Abbie! LOL. No we had clothes on over the "new" stuff.

Heather- I was surprised how fast our game went, at least compared to shutes and ladders and candy land.

I am paying for all the eating now :(

MondaythroughSunday said...

Happy New Year! Looks like you had a GREAT time!!