Thursday 13 Version 4.0 Edition

1. He is now viable! If he tried to come now everything possible would be done to save him.
2. 56% of babies born now will survive, although ½ of them will have severe handicaps.
3. His ears are structurally complete and he now has the ability to sense being upside down.
4. His eyes are reactive to light.
5. He will gain about 6oz this week.
6. He is the 4th grandson and 7th grandchild on my side.
7. He is the 3rd grandson and 7th grandchild on Max’s side.
8. He is about 1 pound and 3 oz.
9. He is almost as long as a ruler.
10. His lungs continue to develop and starting to secrete surfactant.
11. My uterus is about the size of a soccer ball. See its not only in my thighs…
12. He looks just like Karlie.
13. He does not have a name yet.


Abbie said...

And he's SO precious already! How exciting Katie! What about Matthew, then you are keeping in with 'M' for Max, and 'M' for the other boy? OOH! Or 'Magic' like Magic Johnson?? Yes, that one gets my vote for sure. :)

DSBB said...

He is so cute. He does have the profile of Kaitlyn that was the first thing I noticed. I personally like the name Brady:) Or you can go with Grady, its close to Brady and then our kids would have similar names again:0 Take care and give those precious babies hugs and kisses from El Dorado Hills.

Love Steph

MondaythroughSunday said...

I love babies! You are so blessed and he will be surrounded by beautiful women!!

Devin said...

OMG! When did I miss the "It's a BOY" announcement? Whoo Hoo!! (Watch those little boys...they are VERY different.) I had three girls then a boy too! Congrats, he looks just precious.

Jessica said...

What an amazing picture!!! I am so happy for you! It is a great feeling to see this wonderful life inside you!!!! If you look close enough, you can see whose nose he has! Just kidding!!!! : )