Thursday Thirteen Laundry Edition

Laundry consumes an amazing amount of my time. So here are 13 dirty little facts about laundry in the MKHKK household.

1. I am willing to go generic on everything but a handful of items. Tide and Bounce are two of those.

2. I love the towel load. It folds quickly and can be wrinkled and no one cares.

3. I hate the white loads. Folding all the underwear, t-shirts, and socks.... I hate to match socks.

4. Since I hate matching socks so much, I have a sock box that I throw all the socks in. I pay the girls 5 cents per pair to match them for me.

5. Karlie folds better than Hailey and sometimes me.

6. Max's work shirts go to the dry cleaner. I only iron under crisis situations.

7. I rarely follow the instruction to "promptly remove after drying." More like a day or two later.

8.We have 2-3 pink loads/ week.

9. I have learned clothes can sit washed and wet in the washer for two days before they start to smell and need a rewash.

10. Shout is my favorite part of laundry. The kids wouldn't have any clothes that weren't stained if it weren't for Shout.

11. I have laundry envy. You know some people's clothes just smell so fresh and clean. I have yet to find the detergent. Tide is close, but not the one.

12. I almost always use hot wash and high heat. Clothes have to be tough and durable to survive me.

13. Laundry never gets crossed off my list of things to do or if it does, it is right back on there in the morning.


Cris said...

the smell detergent... are you ready? Gain (power, not liquid) with Downy fabric softener. I have used this for years and constantly get comments on how fresh my kids always smell. My sister loves my hand-me-downs for this reason alone. My neighbor made a special trip to the store after I told her the combination.

I have a plethora of useless knowledge in this here brain of mine.

MondaythroughSunday said...

Great list..I do enjoy..well maybe not the right word..folding towels and whites are a pain!! I have to use hypoallergenic stuff for my youngest so our clothes smell like NOTHING..bummer! Hopefully she will outgrow this allergy very soon!

Jessica said...

Hmmmmmmmmm..... I might use this to list the 13 reasons why I hate doing laundry!!!!