Thursday Thirteen~1st edition

While visiting Monday through Sunday's blog I learned that many bloggers participate in the Thursday Thirteens where every Thursday they write about 13 things. Since this is the New Year, I thought I would really challenge myself and give myself 13 goals for 2008. My goal last year was to finish the Tri For the Cure Women's Triathlon. It was a great feeling as I crossed that finish line! We will see if I can squeeze in 12 more this year.

I think Benjamin Franklin sums it up in this quote.

Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve.

1. Make more time for Max and I as a couple. I want to go on at least 6 dates this year as opposed to our 2 last year.

2. Learn to give or throw away more. We love taking everyone's stuff and have a hard time letting go of stuff long after it has served its purpose.

3. Start a daily devotional.

4. Compete in the Tri For the Cure's Buddy relay team this August. Since Version 4.0 won't be out until May, that will give me only 3 months to train. I think I can do it if I only have one event (the swim) to train for. We will see how tired I am.

5. Lose baby weight by New Year's.

6. Take one vacation to somewhere.

7. Clean my bathroom more. The guest one gets regular cleaning, but since no one sees mine it gets neglected.

8. Not be a "frumpy" mom. Warning Max- this may involve shopping.

9. Floss.

10. Knit something.

11. Sew something.

12. Read at least 4 books. My Secret Unicorn and Dragon Tales don't count.

13. Learn how to budget.


Dont make me get out my flying Monkeys! said...

Nice 13! Come check out my delicious post! Im on the weight watchers diet as well as many others, so, sorry if you are on a diet for 08 but I couldn't resist this Thirteen post!

MondaythroughSunday said...

Great goals! I pray that you achieve them all!

Anonymous said...

Great goals for this year! Good luck with everything, and thanks for stopping by!